A Priest in Tarlac Was Arrested During a Buy-Bust Operation!

This was the question in the minds of a religious congregation in Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija, following a police buy-bust operation that resulted in the arrest of their priest and two other individuals in Barangay Poblacion Norte, Paniqui, Tarlac last Monday.

Superintendent Joel Mendoza, Paniqui police chief, identified the arrested as Randy Valdez, 35, a priest of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI or Aglipayan Church) in Cuyapo; and Mike Raven Quinto, 20, and Camille Franilla, 23, both of this town.

“When we accosted Valdez along with the two other suspects, I thought he (Valdez) was joking, or either high on drugs, when he introduced himself as a priest. But it turned out to be true, he is a priest of the Aglipayan church,” Mendoza said.
It turns out that Valdez, who is a native of this town, is the destined priest the Aglipayan Church in Cuyapo.
“The target of our entrapment were Camille (Franilla) and Quinto who are both on our Municipal Watchlist of Drug Personalities. It was Camille who received the r500 marked money from my policeman poseur-buyer but it was this person (Valdez) who handed the two plastic sachets of shabu. That’s why we arrested them,” explained Mendoza.

He added that Quinto, who yielded five sachets of shabu, has three siblings who are allegedly known drug pushers.

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Netizens galit na galit sa mga oportunistang Liberal Party, nasaan ang hustisya sa mga inosenteng biktima?

A very horrific and appalling tragedy took away the life and innocence of a 16-year old who was only doing her tasks as a diligent student.

The victim, Grace Omadlao, was not only brutally RAPED but also KILLED by 4 suspects (a possibility of an underage male perpetrator), who are reportedly drug addicts and were caught in the CCTV, the night she went missing. According to Facebook news outlet, Grace was doing some computer tasks for her project in school. Her family got worried of her since it was already 10 PM and Grace was still not home, so her mother looked for her.

via facebook | newstvph

via facebook | newstvph
There was not a sign of her anywhere. The next day at around 5 AM, she was found lying on the ground lifeless and her face smashed that it could hardly be recognizable.

Grace's case was not the only one in the country wherein the suspects were under the influenced of illegal drugs. Several others, whose stories are yet to be told never got to get the justice they deserved.

But her ill fate created a widespread chaos between netizens who are searching for justice for this teenager.

In the video's comment section is the place where they voiced out their cries. One of the netizen who commented said it right and it was so on-point there's no way you can go against it.

Other than his comment, there were others which were mocking and trashing opportunistic politicians, Catholic priest and human rights advocates who are so fond of selective justice. They care too much for those who were suspected of involvement in illegal drug activities.

Why on earth do these Liberal cowards, human rights advocates and even the Roman Catholic church only seek justice for people who were victims of law enforcers?

Law-abiding citizens also experience injustice not to mention they're the ones who are paying taxes which is where these Opposition senators and the photo-ops-loving Vice President Leni Robredo. 

It's preposterous! Just why do they do such ridiculous schemes? 

Oh, right. Since these crimes happening to innocent Filipinos will never be tied nor pinned to President Rodrigo Duterte they will never care. In short, they won't get any merits or they won't be able to throw mud at the President but with drug suspects who were killed by the men of Duterte, the Liberal Party will take that as a chance to drag Duterte down the mud.

But the LP's struggle is real.

Due to their desperation to place their useless Robredo to where Duterte is, they could hardly think straight and plan properly.

Friendly reminder to the Liberal Party and their cronies, karma's a bitch.

To read the entire details regarding Grace, please scroll down.

What can you say to the Liberal Party? Do you think it is right to sensationalized deaths of alleged drug suspects and disregard about the sufferings of the innocent victims?

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BIR brags 9 percent increase in tax collection; thanks to Duterte administration

The Bureau of Internal Revenue proudly bragged the 8.6 percent increase of collected tax in the first year of the Duterte admnistration during their 113th anniversary celebration which President Rodrigo Duterte lead himself.

The biggest revenue collecting agency of the country had a tax collection reaching to Php1.643 trillion and it is thanks to the reforms introduced by the Duterte adminstration with three specific main objectives: attain collection targets, improve taxpayer satisfaction, and protect revenues and recapture public trust.

The BIR released a statement on Wednesday during their anniversary, compared with the same 12-month period last year. theor agency collected almost 9 percent more from July 2016 to June 2017. The said increase is attributed to the ongoing tax reforms of the curent administration.

Last year, the BIR failed to reach its target of Php1.62 trillion, it's collection still rose to Php 1.567 trillion.

Setting a Php 881.7 billion goal for the BIR's first-half tax collection, the agency grew 8 percent year-on-year taking Php 848 billion which is 4 percent lower than the goal.

The BIR said, "a 5-percent increase in taxpayer base or 882,615 new registered individuals and 32,306 new registered corporations helped increase collection performance."

Also, "as of June 2017, a total of 1,463 new personal were hired to improve taxpayer service while documentary requirements and processes were streamlined—for example, for business registration, from 13 to five documents, and from seven to three steps."

The bureau also administered punishments and investigations on revenue officers whom taxpayers had complains.

"In fact, 379 revenue officers were called to explain due to taxpayer complaints. This is after Commissioner Caesar R. Dulay suspended all BIR audit, which is said to be the source of corruption. Erring examiners were put under investigation after being asked to resign if they will not stop corrupt practices," the BIR exclaimed.

Commissioner Dulay suspended audits and revoked letters of authority that authorizes revenue officers to conduct examinations on taxpayers' books for determining the exact tax liabilities.

"While Commissioner Dulay suspended all BIR audits during his first three months, he led an intensive tax enforcement generating P53 million from tax mapping operations of 169,351 establishments, P142 million from ‘Oplan Kandado’ wherein 55 establishments were closed, and at least P40-billion estimated liabilities fro 40 Run After Tax Evaders (Rate) cases filed to the Department of Justice," according to the BIR.

The BIR filed three tax evasion cases against the homegrown cigarette manufacturer Mighty Corp. and to its top executives for their Php37.9 billion unpaid taxes from using fake tax stamps.

President Duterte gave directives to the BIR and Department of Finance to accept the Php25 billion tax settlement of Mighty under the condition that the firm "will no longer engage in the tobacco business".

"This will be the biggest tax settlement on record. It will produce a windfall for government, which is significant, since we face the unexpected costs of rebuilding Marawi and Ormoc," Duterte said during his SONA.

According to Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III, the government is expecting to collect Php30 billion settlement from Mighty and currently, it has accepted an initial payment of Php 3.44 billion from Mighty.

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"Ghost projects" ni Sen. Trillanes, isiniwalat ng Coalition for Investigation and Prosecution

"Ghost projects" ni Sen. Trillanes, isiniwalat ng Coalition for Investigation and Prosecution

Buking na si Trillanes, Kaya pala pilit hinaharang at gumagawa ng kung ano-anong eksina para lumihis ang atensyon sa ibang issue.

245 million pesos pala ang naibulsa nitong si  Trillanes  sa pamamagitan ng kanyang mga Ghost Projects.

Panoorin ang buong Video:

Watch Related Issue :

Anong masasabi nyo dito kay Sen. Antonio Trillanes? ishare para malaman ang Opinyon ng Iba.

Ex CHR chair Etta Rosales reacts on Duterte's statement on abolishing CHR

Officials of Commission on Human Rights (CHR) bitterly responded on President Rodrigo Duterte jokes that the government agency - CHR - must be abolished.

After their death penalty forum themed "End Crime, Not Life", CHR Commissioner Karen Dumpit said in a press conference said that it is not something the President should freely joke about.

"We hope that messages like this does not continue because it is counter-productive," she said.

Also present at the forum, former CHR Chair Etta Rosales inserted herself in the so-called issue, saying Duterte's job is to be the leader of the people.

"That is not the role of the President. As Chief Executive, you are supposed to lead the people," she said.

In one of his recent speeches, President Duterte mentioned about abolishing the CHR for portraying a huge threat on the success of the government's war on illegal drugs. Apparently, to what seems to be the current role of the CHR, wherein they always side on the criminals and then ignoring the welfare of the victims. Never did they push desperately for the justice of the crime victims.

"Iyan ang mahirap diyan because they look at criminals as… Itong human rights guys, they look at criminals as if they are saints," Duterte said.

"And when the time comes, ‘yung CHR, ‘yung opisina dito (the CHR, this office), you are better abolished," Duterte said in a press conference after his second State of the Nation (Sona).

We all know that jokes are half-meant. Given the current standing of the CHR in the public's eyes, they moves very unfair and biased. However, since is is protected by the Constitution, it cannot be abolished. The only thing the government can do is to deprived them of resources, just like what House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez during the House Committee on Appropriations hearing for the agency's 2018 proposed budget.

For CHR's budget for 2018 by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), the CHR is demanding for P651.9 million budget for 2018 during House Committee on Appropriations hearing. The P623.4 million will be for the agency itself while the remaining P28.6 million will be allocated to the Human Rights Violations Victims’ Memorial Commission (HRVVMC), a new attached agency.

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez on Monday  that he sees no reason to funding CHR as they are very biased in their services. If the agency cannot be abolished, they might as well entirely revoke the support.

"Kung ako ang tatanungin, zero, kapag ganyan ang performance," he said on the sidelines of the CHR budget hearing at the House of Representatives. "Hindi natin ia-abolish kasi constitutional body. Eh di huwag mo bigyan ng budget iyan kasi hindi naman fair eh," Pantaleon said.

"Hindi nila ginagampanan 'yung trabaho nila para protektahan 'yung karapatang pantao, para sa lahat ng tao, sa lahat ng Pilipino dito sa ating bansa," he added.

Gascon defended himself stating that he is doing his best to perform his job properly. The budget they proposed is what the agency deserves for doing their job "properly".

But Pantaleon was not convinced that Gascon is doing his job properly.

"Wala akong makitang dahilan para sustentuhan kayo ng gobyernong ito," he said.

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ABS-CBN correspondent disrespects Presidential spouse Honeylet Avaceña in New York

It is very obvious that ABS-CBN Correspondent Don Tagala disrespected Philippine First Lady Honeylet  Avaceña during their visit in New York as part of the U.N General Assembly .

Now, blogger RJ “Thinking Pinoy” Nieto breaks his silence and posted on his Facebook page how Tagala rudely questioned why the Presidential spouse is in New York and who spend for her trip.

According to him, Presidential spouse Honeylet Avaceña got rattled by the ambush interview of Tagala, especially Avaceña was not used to be interviewed by the media.Protocol officers of Avaceña prevented Tagala from asking more questions to the Presidential spouse, but the journalist continued shouting and he said that “This is United States, he can’t be stopped from filming” 

 RJ Neito  (Thinking Pinoy) criticized the mainstream media at it's journalist for being rude and just focusing on the cause of visit of Avaceña in New York, while they ignored the other important topics related to the U.N Assembly.

“Mr. Tagala, pinagbigyan na kita nung unang ilang araw, pero sumosobra na ang kabalahuraan mo. Ang bait ko na nga sa iyo nung tinanong ng readers ko kung bakit ang bastos mo, pero you’re pushing it too far.” TP said.

The blogger also explained  
why the people slowly losing their trust to the mainstream media. and engaging most in blogger like them.“Yung mga “journalists” tulad ni Tagala ang lalong sumisira sa mga reputasyon ninyo.” 

Here is the full Facebook post of RJ Neito (Thinking Pinoy):

This post gained lots of reaction from the solid duterte supporters,and expressed how they completely loss their trust to ABS-CBN.

According to RG San Luis on his facebook post,it is very obvious that ABS-CBN New York correspondent Don Tagala is biased.

Obvious naman yung bias ni ABS-CBN New York correspondent Don Tagala. Targeted niya si Honeylet Avanceña. One thing you don’t do to Digong is run after his family. Hindi bale na siya huwag lang pamilya niya. They go out of their way to stay out of the limelight unlike other members of previous President’s family members and ABS-CBN will definitely pay when its congressional franchise to operate expires.” San Luis said.

Watch video:

What can you say about this? Leave your comments below..

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A Woman stabbed after slapping her molester in a public bus

Sexual assault or harassment is no new issue in public vehicles, espcecially in buses, trains or anywhere else that is jammed with passengers.

A woman had her throat cut after she slapped the man who groped her inside a public bus.

During Monda morning rush hour in Beijing’s Tongzhou District, a 30-year old woman, who was only identified by her surname, Gong, was stabbed inside the Bus 582. She felt a fellow passenger was touching her maliciously so she slapped him. Furious by the woman's reaction, the suspect waved a fruit knife and stabbed Gong.

The 26-year old attacker was apprehended by the driver and fellow passengers from the northeastern China’s Liaoning province until police arrived and took him into custody.

Gong was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery and have to stay in the intensive care unit. Her brother said a vein and nerve in her neck was severed, had four stabs including one to the lung. She lost a large amount of blood and was unconscious when rescue came.

The victim is a white collar worker and has a 7-year old son who is in his first year of grade school. He was told that his mother had a sudden business trip.

The Tongzhou police released a statement on their Weibo account on the same day about the said attack, however, they did not mention that the woman was sexually harassed by the suspect.  A Beijing-based non-government organization called, Feminist Voices, reposted the statement and added a caption, "Is it risky to resist sexual harassment on public transport?"

This cases doesn't seem to be rare in Chinese public transportation vehicles. A series of similar cases were recorded where women who tries to defend themselves for sexual harassment are most likely ignored by the authorities. Even dare to blame the victim for what happened.

Last May, a woman, who filmed a taxi driver for masturbating beside her, was detained by the police for violating an anti-pornography law. Another one was a woman who got hit by a man was sued for defamation for posting her experience on Weibo microblog.

"If you look at the recent incidents collectively, you can see a trend among the public, who expect victims to be perfect," Guangzhou-based feminist activist Zhang Leilei told Sixth Tone on Wednesday. According to Zhang, the public looks to victims to determine why harassment takes place, often claiming they did not protect themselves well enough, or that they have some problem that explains why bad things happen to them.

In the southern part of China, transport authorities dismissed the plans of Guangzhou-based advocacy group F Feminist to display an anti-sexual harassment billboard in the city’s subway. Instead, both Guangzhou and Shenzhen opted to try giving subway cars for female use only.

Source: Sixthtone