READ: Emotional Conversation Between Father and Military Son before He Died in Battle

"Wala na koy bala, patay na akong opisal, i-pray ko ninyo." (I have no ammunition left, my officer is dead. please pray for me")

These were the last words of Army Corporal Angelo "Junjun" Estores, Jr., 25, to his father, a retired soldier, during Estores Jr.'s phone call to report their situation in Marawi, before he was killed.

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May 26 was a day filled with grief and weeping for the family of Angelo Estores Jr. when the military command delivered them the message of his death.

Angelo Estores, Jr. was killed on May 25.

He was a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), of the 5th Mechanized Battalion. According to reports, he was killed while trying to get the caliber of his dead companion.

According to the family's cousin, Jestoni Almeres, the phone call between the father and son happened in May 25 at 1PM.

"Pa, pray mo sa ako. Murag dili na madayon akong kasal. Tulo nalang mi nabilin. Ang syam patay na," (Pa, you pray for me. My wedding might not push through. Only three of us are left here. Nine of my companions are already dead) Estores Jr. said to his father.

The father then instructed his son to stay inside and wait for reinforcement.

"Jun, kung na-trap ka ayaw ug gawas kung walay reinforcement," (Jun, if you are trapped, don't get out until reinforcement arrives) the father communicated his son.

Estores, Jr. even told his father that he is crawling towards a 50-caliber and their attackers are firing them with RPGs. That was when he told his father that he has no ammunition left and Estores Jr.'s officer is already dead.

The father kept instructing his son until Estores Jr. no longer answered. The next thing that the father heard was the intensity of the firefight. He assumed his son was just wounded.

Almeres recounted that around 3PM, Estores Sr. kept on calling his son but it just kept on ringing. No one answered his calls.

At 6PM, the classmates of Estores Jr. send his father messages that "Junjun" was hit.

On May 26, the family of Angelo Estores Jr. was informed by the military command that "Junjun" is dead.

Angelo Jr.'s father relayed that on May 23, during the Estores family reunion, his son called him to apologize for not being there because he was on his way to Marawi because of the terrorist attacks.

Angelo Estores Jr. was also set to be married to the mother of his two sons on June 29 in Pikit, North Cotabato.

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The conversation between Estores Sr. and Estores Jr. was shared by the family's cousin, Jestoni Almeres, to

The residents of Pikit, North Cotabato considers Angelo Estores Jr. a hero, for offering his life to defend the people of Marawi.

Netizens have also expressed their sadness on what happened to Estores Jr., as well as their sympathy and condolences to the family of Estores Jr. This was after the photo of Angelo Estores Jr. with the transcribed conversation of him and his father went viral on social media.

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