Another OFW exposed Two Filipina Scamming people on the streets of Japan

Another Overseas Filipino Worker uploaded a video of two women asking for donations on the streets of Japan.

The woman approached one of them who was walking away from her, asking if she was a Filipino.

"Di mo ba alam na bawal yan?" the OFW asked.

She followed her and saw the other companion who was distributing small-sized piece of papers to passers-by. Again, she approached her.

"Ano hinihingi ninyo? Ha? Ano hinihingi ninyo?" she asked the one who was handing papers to passers-by. "May permiso ba kayong humingi dyan? Nasan yung permiso nyo, pakilabas nga. Kahit ako magbibigay ako sa inyo. Nakakahiya yang ginagawa ninyo, di nyo ba alam?"

As she was talking, the girl continued to hand paper-like stuff to people walking by them.

"Tara punta tayo sa police," she said.

The girl immediately answered "Sige po. Tara" she seemed composed and kept on smiling. She called out to her companion, "Te! Te!"

The OFW asked why does the other girl kept on walking away from them, avoiding the one holdin the recorder. The girl who was walking with her asked if she can stop filming, the OFW quickly answered, "Hindi."

"Bat ko papatayin? Bawal yan. Nakakahiya yang ginagawa nyo. Bute sana kung may permiso yan, di nyo ba alam? Patingin nga. Patinging nga. Nasan permiso ninyo," she asked firmly.

She asked if their permit is legal.

"Of course," the girl answered.

"Of course? Patingin nga. Bat tumatakas yung kasama mo?" she asked again.

The girl told her to wait, stating that her friend got scared of the OFW which made her run away from her.

"Bakit? Wala naman akong ginagawa sa inyong masama ah. Bat kayo matatakot?"

The girl told her that it is prohibited to record video.

"Hindi kaya," the OFW answered.

As soon as she got a hold of the two girls, she started confronting them again. And will only go to the police station if she stops recording with her phone.

"Kung hindi masama yang ginagawa ninyo bakit kayo iiwas sakin?" She asked them, still following the two who are now walking away from her.

She said that the video will serve as an evidence before she report it to police.

The three of them continued to argue while they were walking. The two girls insisted that taking videos is illegal and she should stop.

However, the OFW was unshaken by the two's words and kept the camera on.

"Nakakahiya, kapwa Pilipino ko kayo. Buti na lang sana kung mabuti yang ginagawa ninyo. Kung hindi ilegal yan at nagmamalaki kayo na legal yang ginagawa nyo, bakit hanggang dito naglalalakad kayo?"

Source: Youtube