Greco Belgica slammed Trillanes, "You're a hypocrite!"

For the nth time, Senator Antonio Trillanes is trying his best again to discredit President Rodrigo Duterte. He once again revived the long-buried accusation of his to the President about his so-called undeclared wealth.

However, Atty. Greco Belgica had enough of the senator's nonsensical and thoughtless allegations and slammed the heck out of the mutineer turned senator.

Greco, on his Facebook page, called Trillanes a hypocrite. He also pointed out that the latter greatly benefited during the term of former President Noynoy Aquino and that Trillanes was the one who received more DAP funds.

"You are a bag man," Greco said. He was referring to the time when the late Chief Justice Renato Corona was being impeached and quite a huge amount of DAP funds went through the hands of Senator Trillanes.

He also challenged Trillanes to prove that these allegations are false, and if all of these are prove true, he must return all DAP he acquired.

In a phone interview with the media, Trillanes said that if his allegations of undeclared wealth is proven wrong, he will resign in the Senate. He also claimed that he secured supporting documents which shows the bank accounts are held by Duterte family.

How he acquired those documents, we do not know. Is it legal? Of course it's not. Bank records should be and must remain confidential unless a warrant is secured to release those information.

The senator claimed that Duterte has a hidden wealth of P2.4 billion from 2006 to 2015. He said the money came from illegal activities and challenged the president to show the transaction history of his bank accounts.

Chief presidential legal adviser Salvador Panelo countered Trillanes accusations and said that the senator is just looking for public attention.

"Noon, sinabi na ng BPI na fake 'yun," Panelo said.

In May 2016, the Bank of the Philippine Islands already clarified that the documents Trillanes showed before did not came from the bank and the Anti-Money Laundering Council and Bangko Central ng Pilipinas also denied that they are involved in leaking bank records.

"Hindi naman nilabas ng AMLC, so ibig sabihin, hindi totoo," Panelo said.

He added that Trillanes should just resign and not wait for his allegations to be proven wrong.

Who is Greco Belgica?

Greco Antonious Beda Banta Belgica or Greco Belgica is a politician, tv host and pastor of the Lord's Vineyard Church and is currently president of the Yeshua Change Agents, a non-government organization involved in anti-drug campaigns and advocating reconstruction of society to its Biblical form. He is also the founder of ReformPH Movement.

He served as a councilor of the 6th district of City of Manila from 2004 to 2007. He ran in the 2013 Senate elections but failed to win a seat. Again, in 2016 senate election, he attempted to ran for a senate seat and became a part of party which supported the current Philippine president. Sadly, he failed for the second time.

Source: Greco Belgica, Philstar