Australian journalist wounded after hit by a stray bullet on his neckin Marawi City

An Australian journalist who was doing a cover story in Marawi City was shot by a stray bullet on Thursday.

Adam Harvey is a correspondent of Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Southeast Asia and is currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was shooting a video while interviewing evacuees at the Lanao del Sur capitol complex when he felt something in his neck.

Apparently, he was hit by a stray bullet on the left side of his neck. Reports state that the journalist felt pain around his neck and was immediately taken to an infirmary where his journalist colleagues rushed to check up on him.

The Australian journalist was taken to Amai Pakpak Medical Center where his colleagues joined him too. He had a neck braise when he got out of the hospital.

"I felt something on my neck, I think it was a shrapnel. I’m fine," a reporter heard him say.

He undergone X-ray and other medical check-up at the center.

"I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m just going to get an X-ray to get checked out," he said.

The source of the bullet is still unknown but according to some reports, the capitol complex is near the Army base of the 103rd Infantry Brigade.

Harvey uploaded a photo of his X-ray result where it can be clearly seen a pointed object inside his neck.

Along with the photo is a caption, "Lucky."

He is very lucky indeed it was only a shrapnel.

Unlike the 15-year old student, who wasn't as lucky as the journalist, was killed by a stray bullet while he was doing an obligatory Friday worship rite at the Campo Ranao mosque in Marawi City.

Abdillah Masid was hit by a metal-jacketed high caliber rifle which was fired from a distance.

According to Assemblyman Zia Alonto Adiong of the 24-member Regional Assembly of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and spokesman of the interim disaster response group of the Lanao del Sur provincial government, the teenager died instantly.

Unfortunately, they weren't sure which side should they blame for the boy's death, was it from a bullet fired by terrorist snipers or just a stray round from the gunfights in the city.

The teenager was immediately bured by his relatives in accordance with the Islamic tradition for burial wherein the dead must be buried within 24 hours from the time of death.