BBM at VP Robredo, tinukoy na ang mga probinsyang dapat i-recount ang boto

The camp of Senator Bongbong Marcos have submitted preliminary conference brief in relation to the electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.

Written in their 81-page preliminary conference brief, is the request to the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) to recount first the votes that came from Camarines Sur, Ilo-ilo at Negros Oriental. These thre provinces, according to the camp of Marcos, will show huge discrepancies in votes cast in the ballots and to those that were transmitted to the Vote Counting Machines and to what was reported in the Certificates of Canvass.

"We are contesting 36,000 clustered precincts comprising of 30 provinces but we are looking at the numbers and we have seen that these provinces are very significant," Marcos spokesperson, Atty. Vic Rodriguez, said.

He also elaborated that five out of six vice presidential canditates traces their roots to Bicol.

"But if you will check the numbers, Senator Francis Escudero only received less than 40,000 votes considering that he ran for public office several times," he stated. Furthermore, he said that Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano, whose wife is from Albay got 14,601 votes. Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who traces his roots to Albay got 11,334 votes while Senator Gregorio Honasan, whose mother is from Sorsogon garnered only 7,005 votes.

Marcos' spokesperson also noted that Camarines Sur has almost 65,000 undervotes while the three aforementioned provinces have 300,000 undervotes in total. Undervotes are the ballots not counted by the machine for different reasons like there were unclear markings, or the voter didn't vote for a certain positions.

"Again what is the significance or relevance of those undervotes. Parang may 7th candidate for vice president na tinago nila sa pangalan na undervotes sapagkat hindi nanalo yun five pang kandidato sa undervotes," Rodriguez stated.

Rodriguez pointed out that it was impossible for Robredo to get 573,729 votes from Iloilo when the the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, who was then the running mate of Marcos (who only received 94,411), was from Iloilo.

Even the votes obtained by Robredo in Negros Oriental is suspisious which is 248,102 votes, given the fact that Marcos is supported by prominent and biggest political families in the said province.

There is a total of 362 witnesses listed in the  preliminary conference brief  who may be summoned to testify and submit evidences.

Some of them include Commission on Elections (COMELEC) officials led by Commissioner Christian Robert Lim, Directors Jose Tolentino, Esther Roxas, J. Thaddeus Fernan, Teopisto Elnas and Ferdinand De Leon; Smartmatic executives Marlon Garcia and Elie Moreno, election officers in the thirty three contested provinces and cities as well as election and Information Technology experts.

According to the camp of Marcos, Robredo received over 1.46 million votes which is why votes for the Robredo suddenly went up ahead overnight against Marcos on May 9, 2016.

If PET will find anything suspiscious from the mentioned provinces, they'll be convinced to proceed with the manual recount to other provinces as well.

In Robredo's preliminary brief, she said that he provinces where she accused Marcos of vote-buying -  Sulu, Capiz and Northern Cotabato.

Source; INQ