Bohol Board Member Arrested for 'kidnapping, Killing his on Wife Mayor Gisela Boniel

Bien Unido Mayor Gisela Boniel was kidnapped, killed and her body was thrown into the sea.

"Accordingly, from Bien Unido, bineyahe at sinakay sa bangka, and then accordingly, binaril at tinapon sa dagat, but as to who is the real gunman, ay hindi pa klaro hanggang ngayon. Malalaman natin sa follow-up investigation na ginagawa natin ngayon," Central Visayas Director Noli Taliño stated in a press conference on Thursday.

Suspect to the crime is Board Member Niño Rey Boniel, the victim's husband. Board Member Boniel was reportedly one of the men who kidnapped his wife.

The Bien Unido mayor was with her teenage son and her friend Angela Leyson were with her during the abduction.

Leyson, in an interview, confirmed that her friend Gisela was dead. She also stated that the couple have not been in good terms for quite a long time and Gisela have been wanting to leave Niño Rey ever since she knew that she's being used for her position as mayaor of Bien Unido.

Leyson said that she and the mayor were taken from Tubigon then back to Bien Unido by a man named Wilson Juliar, another one named Brian and their driver Randel.

When they arrived in a dive camp and stayed there for a while. By dawn of June 7, she narrated, 6 to 7 men barged in the room where they were sleeping and one of them pointed a gun to her head, wrapped her face with a duct taped, tasered on the neck and kicked her until she kneeled.

"I know it was Niño Rey Boniel because his nickname is In-In. Sabi ni Gisel, 'In-in, ayaw In, and then they were about to kill me. 'In ayaw si Lalay. Naa ang iyang anak sa pikas kwarto," said Leyson.

[I know it was Niño Rey Boniel because his nickname is In-In. Gisel said, 'In-in, don't do it.' and then they were about to kill me. 'InIn-in don’t kill Lalay. Her son is staying in the other room.]

Leyson said that she and her son where taken to Tubigon riding a separate vehicle.

Just this Thursday evening, a confession was given by the alleged mastermind Bohol Board Member Niño Rey Boniel's first cousin that the abducted mayor was shot and killed by her own husband.

The husband, earlier told PRO-Central Visayas Director Noli Taliño that the mayor was killed by one of his men and not him. However, Etad Boniel, the husband's first cousin stated that it was the Board Member who wrapped Gisela's body using a fish net and placed two stones that eighs 30 kilos before being thrown into the sea.

The board member contacted Etad (he is also the one who drove the boat) and was directed to go to the dive camp where the mayor and rest of them were staying. He also joined the retrieval operation on Thursday night at Caubian Island in Lapu-Lapu City.

Unfortunately, the victim's body is still not found.

Taliño asked divers to join the search operation. Volunteers can meet the officials at Lapu-Lapu Police Station 2 or at Mactan Station 6 AM.

Source: Sunstar