Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa has had enough of criticisms especially from the former President Fidel V. Ramos, questioning him about his absence during the clashes in Marawi since it began last week.

"If we knew this would happen, we would not have gone (to Russia). That is why we came home immediately," he said on Tuesday during the president's party whic the Philippine National Police joined. "We are not Madame Auring who can predict what’s in the mind of the enemy. We are not Madame Auring," Dela Rosa added.

The former President Ramos stated particularly questioned Dela Rosa for joining President Duterte's trip to Russia.

"We were there for only one day. We returned home immediately," Dela Rosa defended himself about Ramos' tirade.

Ramos also stated that there should be other officials who stayed behind to take care of the situation with the president.

"The Executive Secretary and so many secretaries and so many generals (joined) the junket. Pardon me for calling it a junket because it now turns out that it was a junket," he added.

Meanwhile, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella denied Ramos' claims stating that it was important for the key members of the administration to join the trip in Russia with Duterte.

"The official visit of President Duterte to Moscow was an important and strategic move that significantly broadened the horizon of our independent foreign policy," Abella said.

"The president's leadership style is considered deliberate, even ‘fearless,’ in the words of President Xi Jinping; it is also very relational, which can be misconstrued by managerial types like FVR," he added.

The Philippine National Police chief was in tears as he expressed his sentiments towards his desire to join the government troops in the Marawi City siege.

He narrated how a wounded Special Action Force commando pleaded to have a different assignment aside from his current.

"Sabi sa akin, 14 years na ako sa SAF, sir, baka pwede mo akong bigyan ng tsansa na ma-assign naman malapit sa pamilya ko.' Wounded na iyung pulis, malaki ang tama sa leeg niya at saka sa likod, hirap huminga, nilapitan ko, walang ibang sinasabi," Dela Rosa said.

[I was told, 'I'm already 14 years in service in SAF, sir, if its possible to give me a chance to be assigned where I can be close to my family'', that police is wounded, he's got a huge injury on his neck and at this back, he has difficulty in breathing, I approach him, he did not say anything else.]

"Gusto kong sabihin na, 'Sige, umuwi ka na. Ako na ang papalit sa iyo dito. Ako ang makipaglaban. I want to fight for you," Dela Rosa added.

[I wanted to say, 'Alright, go home. I'll be the one replacing you here. I'll be the one to fight...]

The PNP chief stated that it wasn't for some security complications, he would've fought along with his men in Marawi City.

"Gustong gusto ko talaga, with all my heart. I don't care kung anong mangyari sa akin," Dela Rosa said.

[I really wanted with all my heart, I don't care if something happen to me.]

"Sa mga scalwag, isipin ninyo hirap na nga ang mga kasamahan natin doon, sana magbago na kayo," Dela Rosa ended his speech.

[To police scalawags, think about the hardship our fellow policemen are experiencing here, I hope you change yourselves.]

Source: INQ; ABS-CBN