Did VP Robredo really collect reusable garbage of Americans while in Boston, USA?? Seriously?!

Vice President Leni Robredo's trip in US became controversial after the Office of the Vice President kept her trip a secret. Then she posted on her social media that she became a 'full-time mother' for her daughter Aika who will start studying in Harvard University.

And now she totally lost it. 

Did she really spent her free time collecting reusable garbage of Americans?  Did a Vice President of the Philippines really did that? Really? Do you believe her story? Can't she no longer afford brand new items and appliances??! Getting paid for more than what she worked for and now she's picking up trash. What a genius.

While in Boston, she narrated that she and her daughter picked up and collected stuff that can still be used from trashes of other people.

A netizen lambasted the controversial story of Vice President Leni Robredo revealed on her radio show BISErbisyong Leni.

Jhae-Ar Balico, an Filipino living in Paris, France, lambasted the Vice President for her 'fake story' and political gimmick on his reaction video posted on his Facebook account.

"Konting reaction lang tungkol dun sa sinabi o statement ni fake VP Robredo sa interview nya sa radyo. Sabi nya kasi dun, namulot sya sila ng anak nya ng mga basura o yung mga gamit na hindi nabenta, sa Boston ba yun," said.

"Namulot? Namulot ka? Take note namulot. Di ako maniniwala don. Mas maniniwala pa ako kung sinabi mong ninakaw mo dahil dun ka sanay!

"Oh? Diba sanay ka naman sa pagnanakaw? Tulad ng boto? Mga boto ni Bongbong [Marcos] ninakaw mo, pumunta sayo. Hindi nga lang kay Bongbong eh, ninakaw mo yung mga boto ng mga ibang kandidato, ninakaw mo!

"Yung pagka-vice president ninakaw mo! Wag mong sabihing namulot, di ka marunong mamulot.. G*ga.. Sabihin mo nagnakaw, di kana nahiya, sinama mo pa yang anak nagnanaka--, ay sa pagnanakaw, ay lintik ka...

"Daming kasinungalingang sinasabi mo. Hayuk na hayuk kang maging presidente. Sabagay, doon naman kayo sanay, propaganda, mga dilawang propaganda, magsalita, paninira. Kung di pa kayo nabuko siguradong parang ... na ang Pilipinas

"Pinagkakakitaan nyo pati droga... Pati ikaw, isa ka pa. Dati ka pa namang abugaga, ay! abugada!"

Watch video below:

VP Robredo flew to US with her daughter Aika to attend the FASO even where she as invited as the guest of honor and speaker.

Also, while she as in Boston, she and her daughter collected unsold but still usable things which were left by the owners to be taken by the trash collector.

"Alam mo, nakakatuwa duon kasi pinupulot lang namin sa basurahan yung mga gamit. Yung mga hindi nabentang gamit ng iba ay iniiwan lang sa basurahan at suon kami namumulot," Leni said.

It has become a norm for Filipino migrants and OFWs to collect preloved items from streets because it is economically wiser to picked up these stuff rather than buy new ones.

BUT as someone holding the second highest position in a country (although the position itself is considered to be a "spare tire"), why does she an incumbet (but questionable) VICE PRESIDENT of the Philippines picked up garbages?

Is here monthly salary not enough to provide new items for her family? Must she be a garbage collector? What kind of political propaganda is this? Can't she just sell rice porridge instead of degrading her position? (No offense to people who uses garbage collecting as a job, it's just that we're talking about a VICE PRESIDENT OF A COUNTRY who's acting in front of the international and local community like a broke 'full-time mother')

She goes on expensive trips abroad, wears signature clothes and fancy dresses. Who pays for all of that?

Do you believe in her stories? Must she really act broke in front of everyone? Is this a pity game? What can you say about this? Tell us what you know and don't forget to share this story!

Source: Jhae-Ar Balicobuzzfeednow