Drug suspect, nag-ala-'Spider Man' para 'di mahuli ng mga pulis

A drug raid was conducted by the ParaƱaque Police at Don Bosco, ParaƱaque City on Thursday.

A former barangay 'tanod' (barangay police officer) house was raided by authorities which was reportedly where a shabu session will happen on Thursday night.

However, when the police officers got there, one of their subjects for arrest disappeared. After looking for more evidences, they were about to give up when one police officer found the missing drug suspect hiding and squeezing himself on a corner of the wall.

Police officers were surprised and one of them even cursed.

"Heto pala eh... P*t*ng *na, labas diyan!" authorities ordered the former barangay personnel , Richard Herrera.

Among the arrested suspects was Gilbert Salazar and three other drug users.

Suspects admitted that they are in fact drug users and were about to start their shabu session when the authorities came.

Herrera stated that he stopped using illegal drugs (shabu) when Operation Tokhang began and now he is only commissioning from other people who uses drugs in his house.

Authorities were able to confiscate 20 sachets of suspected shabu, few drug paraphernalia, a weighing scale and knives. Also, there was a celphone found at his house which was used to trade for drugs.

NP Directorate for Operations Chief Camilo Cascolan stated that 5,691 drug related deaths are still under investigation, 1,847 deaths are confirmed drug related and 1,894 aren't related to drugs.

Their data also showed that out of 67,609 drug users and pushers involved in police operations, 64,917 or 96 percent have surrendered, while only around 4 percent have died.

The report also shows a total of 53,509 drug operations since the start of the Duterte administration's drug war to the present.

Social Welfare Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy said the misleading figures on the drug war going around have had negative effects on the country's development.

"We're just pushed down our throat. Not just that, the international community, as stories are being told about us and it is patently false. We're here because we are pushing back. It's not true. We are a country that is getting better every day that the president is there," Badoy said.

Source: GMA; CNN