DUTERTE: Martial Law will not be lifted until Marawi siege ends, no negotiation with the terrorists

Presiden Rodrigo Duterte claimed that the miltiary rule will not be lifted up until the siege in Marawi City ends. He also asserted that there'll be no talks between the government and the terrorist group.

"Hindi matatapos ang martial law, hangga't hindi natatapos ang putukan. Until I'm satisfied or we are satisfied that there's not a single shot fired ever again. At lahat yung armas dyan sa, nakuha jan sa ano,  gusto ko sagasaan yan sa harap nila ng buldozzer," Duterte said in an interview.

"Kagaganda ng armas nila, hindi kayang bilhin nila yan. Yung barett? Yung mga (inauble sound). At ang problemehan namin walang katapusan yung baril nila pati bala. Yan ang ibig sabihin ang build up nyan took about siguro more than 3 years," he added.

The Supreme Court (SC) is scheduled to release their decision regarding the implementation of martial law in Mindanao after the oral argument ends by the first week of July.

Earlier, the Armed Forces of the Philippines released a statement that the implemetation of martial law in Mindanao was sufficient for their military operations in Marawi City, given the fact that there's quite a number of the Maute terror group members apprehended since the siege began.

"But if rebellion burns Mindanao, and other parts of the Philippines, I'll be forced to declare martial law again, this time, I will do it on my own, to preserve my nation. I will not consult anybody and there is no telling when will it end. Wala na, basta. Then it could be a copy cat of Marcos.

The president also berated the petitioners who raised doubts before the Supreme Court.

"Itong mga justices pa, judges arguing terrorism lang 'yun di rebellion... The terrorists are committing rebellion. The rebels are committing rebellion. Ano ba tingin mo? What do you want? They burn half of Mindanao before we can call it a true blue rebellion? It's crazy," he said.

"Rebellion na 'yun. Ngayon kung ayaw nila, okay ako. If they want, sabihin nila na there is no factual basis then I am ready to order the military to withdraw. And we will not move. Hayaan sila diyan kung kaya nila," Pres. Duterte added.

President Duterte firmly stood by his word that there'll be no such negotiation or peace talks between the Philippine government and the the Maute-ISIS terrorist group. He also blamed the local leaders of Marawi for not reporting the foreigners lurking in their city to the him or to the government authorities.

Meanwhile, Senator Risa Hontiveros reacted to the President's statements about declaring martial law for the second time if terrorism spreads to the entire country and warned that it may be a 'copycat' of Marcos' military rule.

"There is no such thing as an indefinite Martial law in our constitution and laws. Walang unli-martial law," Hontiveros said.

"And even if President Duterte manages to implement this type of martial law, I am confident that the people will oppose and defeat it. Kung yung original martial law nga ni Ferdinand Marcos ay tinalo ng mamamayan, ang isang ‘Marcos copycat’ pa kaya'," she added.

Senator Hontiveros is known to be one of the opposition who criticizes the President. She has been very vocal about her pessimism towards the martial law in Mindanao and said that the move wasn't what the Marawi City needed because there's no rebellion nor invasion.

Source: PTV