EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Nakunan ng video ang barilan ng sniper ng militar at ng teroristang grupong Maute

One sniper can be fatal.

The Philippine Army admits that the reason why the clashes are still ongoing is because of the Maute groups snipers.

"One sniper can paralyze the movement of a whole company, even a battalion,"  a Ranger told the media.

The Maute snipers are positioned on top level walls which have made it difficult for the government troops to easily advance within the conflict zone.

In an "exclusive" video of a news network, an actual footage of the government's sniper versus the terrorist group's sniper was recorded while exhanging shots within the combat zone.
The video was taken by the spotter using a telescope, beside him is the sniper. As seen on the video, the military's sniper were shooting at an abandoned building where the Maute group's snipers are holed up.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines are also shooting at the places and building which they believed where occupied by some Maute militants.

In the report, the usual fight between the government troops and the Maute group is sniper versus sniper. The military snipers have already taken down several of the enemies snipers but it is obvious that they [snipers] are one of the reasons why the siege in Marawi City is taking too long to end.

The government forces have taken down 11 more Maute militants during the gunfights.

"Lumiliit na po ang area ng mga Maute. So, mabilis po yung pag move forward natin. Sabi ko nga po nagtatagal lang because of the clearing," Joint Task Force Marawi spokesperson, Lt. Col. Jo-Ar Herrera said in a press briefing.

While the siege is still on going, plans for the recovery of Marawi City are being prepared.

"We already have locations for our future tent city. We’re also looking for the possible recovery of dead bodies after this crisis," said Brig. Gen. Ramiro Rey, commander of Task Force Ranao.

"'Wala pang estimate how many bodies that will be determined after the conflict but the local government of Marawi and provincial government of Lanao del Sur are now preparing for that. Pati process, pag-identify ng process ng mga bodies na ito," he added.

He said that there were reports stating Maute-ISIS group are using IEDs and even to the extent of using LPG tanks as traps for government troops.

"Yung report from operators sa loob, the enemy is now using IEDs sa mga houses and to the extent of using LPG tanks para pagpasok ng tropa, paputukin ‘yung bahay. Lately, napansin niyo may mga sunog and they are using gasoline and LPG in every house na occupy, kaya dahan-dahan na iclear ang tropa," Rey stated.

Earlier, the government stated that P10 billion will be allocated for the recovery of Marawi City.

Joint Task Force Marawi spokesperson Lt. Col. Jo-Ar Herrera said the military is still confronting about a hundred militants.

The terrorists are also using civilians as human shields, wherein they are even asked to carry bombs.

Herrera said there were about 100 civilians who are being held hostage in parts of Marawi.

As of Tuesday, the government have lost 66 soldiers while the militants have 268 casualties.

Source: GMA, INQ