Father of top Maute Group leader arrested in Davao

The father of the top leader of the Maute Group was arrested in Davao City with his relatives.

Cayamora Maute, who was earlier identified by authorities as the father of Abdullah Maute, the eldest of the Maute brothers and the leader of the rebel group also known as Daulah Islamiyah, was apprehended Tuesday morning by the police during a checkpoint inside a van that came from Hotel Filipino in Cotabato City.
Davao Police Regional Director Chief Supt. Manuel Gaerlan said Cayamora had confirmed his identity.

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“First of all, basing on the picture muna and secondly, the person confirmed his identity. Of course we will have other identification procedures later on through his fingerprints and other scientific means of identification,” said Gaerlan during a press briefing later in the day.
He said authorities were investigating if Cayamora is among Maute Group’s top leaders.

“He has the right to remain silent and we will not pursue that matter unless he is assisted by his lawyer,” added Gaerlan, referring to Cayamora.
Cayamora reportedly went to Davao from Cotabato for a medical checkup. The police found the Maute patriarch lying at the back of the driver’s seat with his body covered with a malong or a traditional tube skirt and his face with a surgical mask.
Authorities said Cayamora was with his wife Ominta Maute and other family members identified as Bensarali and Norjannah Tingao, and driver Esmael Aljon Salazar.
Cayamora, who was said to be a former senior official of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and the driver of the van are now being interrogated by authorities.