Hontiveros gets slammed by a Duterte Supporter in Sydney Forum

During a meeting with the Filipino community leaders at Bulwagang Rizal Philippine Consulate Office– Sydney on March 22, 2017, Senator Risa Hontiveros had a taste of lashes from a Duterte supporter  who identified herself as Lualhati, an Australian based Filipina.

Originally, a question was asked by a man who is a representative of the Filipino-Australian Movement for Empowerment. His question is about the international impression that is being thrown out in the international community because the European Union (EU) had recently voiced out their concerns about the real status of things going on in the Philippines, so how can the international community that all is well in the Philippines.

However, the senator didn't really or wasn't able to provide specific answers to the concern brought up to her and instead answered that the best assurance and best way to show "the fellow people of the world" especially by Filipinos living abroad is that you [referring to Filipinos working and living abroad] constantly trying to improve our situation.

"We never give up that hope, and that dedication to continually improve our situation as a people. First of all, just to show them... and I'm sure your lives are a witness to that, that we, just like any other people we value common human values, the worth and the dignity of every person, mutual respect for each other..."

Seemingly not satisfied with Hontiveros' answer, Lualhati questioned the intentions and actions of few other politicians under Liberal Party and also the senator's. She believes that their actions are destroying the image of the Philippines by seeking help from international justice courts.

"We are trying our best here to international community to show how Filipinos are like and how hardworking we are and how excellent we are as a people, but no matter how hard we do that there are people especially from your party in fact yourself... and the Liberal Party,” Lualhati fearlessly said to the incumbent senator.

"How can we be honorable when we malign our own community, our own people, in suggesting that there are crimes going on done by the government, against its own people. Parang hindi fair na kami nagpapakahirap na baguhin ang imahe ng mga Pilipino at ng Pilipinas sa international community and yet paulit-ulit na naririnig namin sa inyong mga politicians na dina-down niyo ang sarili niyong bansa. Naapektuhan kami, naapektuhan ang OFWs. We are around the world and we all have to put up with that and we all have to, we’re at the forefront in other words, nasa frontier kami, nasa harapan kami, kami yung nasa trenches na humaharap sa mga foreigners na nakikita kung ano ang sinasabi ng mga katulad ninyo na senators," she even added.

Lualhati also raised a question to Hontiveros, asking her how can they possibly change the negative image of the Philippines if other Filipinos keeps on destroying it and worst doing everything to destabilize the current administration led by President Duterte.

"You hold office okay? So people will listen to you whether we like it or not. So, paano naming mababago ang imahe, kung paulit ulit na sinisira ng kapwa naming Pilipino?" she asked.

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Source: Du30newsportal