Senate minority bloc member Senator Risa Hontiveros berated President Rodrigo Duterte on his recent statement about an "indefinite" declaration of martial law that will most likely have similar pattern as the late former President Ferdinand Marcos.

"There is no such thing as an indefinite Martial law in our constitution and laws. Walang unli-martial law," Hontiveros said.

"And even if President Duterte manages to implement this type of martial law, I am confident that the people will oppose and defeat it. Kung yung original martial law nga ni Ferdinand Marcos ay tinalo ng mamamayan, ang isang ‘Marcos copycat’ pa kaya'," she added.

Senator Hontiveros is known to be one of the opposition who criticizes the President. She has been very vocal about her pessimism towards the martial law in Mindanao and said that the move wasn't what the Marawi City needed because there's no rebellion nor invasion.

Under the 1987 Philippine Constitution, "In case of invasion or rebellion, when the public safety requires it, he may, for a period not exceeding sixty days, suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus or place the Philippines or any part thereof under martial law."

"The Congress, voting jointly, by a vote of at least a majority of all its Members in regular or special session, may revoke such proclamation or suspension, which revocation shall not be set aside by the President."

Over the weekend, President Duterte warned that the next time he declares martial it'll be indefinite and would be 'copycat' of the late President Marcos.

"Kung magsabi ang Supreme Court na mali, I will withdraw... [Kapag] sabihin nila ngayon maghinto, hinto ako," Duterte said.

Duterte said that for the second time around, if people suffer, he won't listen to anyone.

"If anything goes wrong, magdeclare ako ng martial law ulit, the second time around, if the people suffer, bombings ganon, 'di na ko makinig maski kanino," he said.

"If that rebellion burns Mindanao and other parts of the Philippines, and I'll be forced to declare martial law again, this time I will do it on my own to preserve my nation. I will not consult anybody and there's no telling when will it end. It could be a copycat of Marcos," he said referring to 9-year long martial law.

Meanwhile, the president berated the petitioners who raised doubts before the Supreme Court.

"Itong mga justices pa, judges arguing terrorism lang 'yun di rebellion... The terrorists are committing rebellion. The rebels are committing rebellion. Ano ba tingin mo? What do you want? They burn half of Mindanao before we can call it a true blue rebellion? It's crazy," he said.

"Rebellion na 'yun. Ngayon kung ayaw nila, okay ako. If they want, sabihin nila na there is no factual basis then I am ready to order the military to withdraw. And we will not move. Hayaan sila diyan kung kaya nila," Pres. Duterte added.

Source: GMAPolitics