Inday Sara Duterte lashes out at Sen. Risa Hontiveros about her claims on the attacks of Maute group

President Rodrigo Duterte's daughter and also Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte asked the Department of Justice for clarification about the now viraling video of Senator Risa Hontiveros' interview about the terror attacks done by the ISIS-linked Maute terror group.

On the video the Davao City mayor shared, she said that the Hontiveros is working for the government that the terrorist are fighting and yet her words seems encouragement and defense for the terror group.

"Question lang sa DOJ, kung rebellion ang crime and this woman is saying it is not rebellion, are her words encouraging them to commit the crime? And so it becomes abetting rebellion? She works for the government that the terrorists are fighting... paki explain beh. Wala gyud ko kasabot [I really don't understand.]," she wrote in the post.

She even tagged a Facebook user and asked for an explanation if the lady senator is slowly becoming a spokesperson for the Maute group.

"Jefry Tupas paki explain sakoa ni.. kay murag na siya spokesperson sa mga terrorista.. and why is nobody doing anything about this???" she commented.

[Pakiexplain sakin to, para kasing nagiging spokesperson na sya ng mga terorista.]

However, a netizen with the profile name Anthony Bolger that the news about the senator is fake. The netizen provided a screenshot of Senator Hontiveros' Facebook post stating that the said 'support to Maute group' is another fake news about her, that she is again a target of vicious fake news campaign.

The Davao City Mayor replied:

Mayor Duterte was referring to the the lady senator's interview the UNTV's "Get it Straight with Daniel Razon". Hontiveros explained how the martial law declaration in Mindanao isn't a solution nor a reasonable to be proclaimed since it there's no rebellion nor invasion.

"Kaya lang kasi, napaka-specific, kuya, nung definition ng rebellion at saka ng invasion don sa Constitution," the female senator was cut off and the asked again what is really the definition of rebellion.

She continued, "... ang rebellion ay may section ng local government at populasyon ng Pilipinas na titiwalag sa pampansang gobyerno. Sasabihin halimbawa ng Marawi City government o ng mga Marawi citizens na ayaw na namin sa republika, titiwalag na kami sa gobyerno at kami ay hihiwalay na, but that is not the case..." she said. hindi rin sya invasion. Hindi naman tulad sa Zamboanga City noon na may siege talaga."

Hontiveros was asked, "So, ano yung invasion?"

"Yon yung armadong pwersa na mula sa labas, papasok sa isang lugar na may intensyong sakupin sya, kontrolin sya at gumanap ng karahasan," Hontiveros explained.

Source: Inday Sara Duterte