Lalaking nangmolestiya ng katorse anyos na dalagita, bugbog sarado sa mga istambay!

A man who allegedly sexually molested a 14-year old girl was beaten up during his arrest in Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City.

Barangay officials, armed with a truncheon and 2x2 lumber, they surrounded the front yard of the house where the suspect shut himself in and was also equipped by a bolo. The tension eased when the police officers arrived at the scene but the suspect still won't cooperate.

Barangay security personnel (tanod) even tried to talk and persuade the suspect to cooperate. But still nothing. Reportedly, the suspect was labeled as 'armed and dangerous' due to the previous jailed with the charges filed against him - frustrated homicide.

Officials gave his one last warning and when he still did not voluntarily surrender, they kicked the door open, one tanod positioned on the side of the door, hiding on the wall. When the suspect pointed his bolo to the authorities, with half of his arm extended outside the door, the tanod hit his arm with the 2x2 lumber and that was when they had the chance to apprehend the molester.

Almost 10 people surrounded him while the police officer was handcuffing the suspect. During the arrest, the suspect was kicked and punched by 'istambay'.

When he was taken to the city hall to face the Barangay chairman, he was bleeding and had bruises on his face and body.

"Bakit minolestya mo yung bata? Bakit minolestya mo? At dalawang beses mo na raw ginagawa yun," asked Brgy. chairman Manuel Co.

No matter how much the suspect asked for forgiveness, the victims father has already decided to proceed with the charges.

"Masakit sakin yun, kailangan makulong sya. At pagdusahan nya yung ginawa nya," the victim's father stated.

A study conducted by the Center for Women’s Resources (CWR), a research and training institution for women, for every 53 minutes, a woman or a child is raped where seven out of 10 victims are children.

The study also discovered that the numbers of rape victims increases while the victims are getting younger each time.

From what the CWR estimations, the 5,132 recorded rape cases in 2010 increased by 92 percent making it to 9,875 in 2014.

"Despite more than 37 laws, executive and administrative orders to protect women and children, the victims of violence are getting younger and the abusers are becoming bolder and harsher," CWR executive director Jojo Guan said. Guan also stated that the reason why the great increase happened is because perpetrators know they can evade the justice.

Just like what the data from Philippine Statistics Authority showed where 7,416 suspects were jailed on December 2012 out of the thousands of rape cases in the country.

"Worse, a culture of impunity prevailed in the crimes committed by state authorities," Guan stated.

Source: GMA, Philstar