Marcos, Robredo aims for 3 provinces each for PET manual recount

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos who was allegedly defeated in the vice presidential 2016 due to cheating done in Negros Oriental, Camarines Sur and Iloilo where the massive cheating really was.

Marcos' group of lawyers claimed that the said cheating happened on May 9, 2017 where the incumbent Vice President Leni Robredo suddenly narrowed the 1.46 million votes and even gone up ahead to 263,473 more votes.

To prove the allegation against Robredo's camp schemes, the former senator requested the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) for a manual recount and investigation of the ballots in Iloilo, where the massive cheating occured, Negros Oriental and Camarines Sur, Robredo's 'baluarte' which was written in their 99-paged Preliminary Conference Brief that Marcos' lawyers submitted on June 16, 2017.

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Iloilo is one of the top province having a total of 2,318 clustered precincts and 1,347,514 registered voters.

George Erwin M. Garcia and former UP Law Dean Pacifico Agabin, Marcos' lawyers, claimed that the Comelec and the service provider for vote counting machines (VCMs), Smartmatic have violated Automated Election Law for changing script on transparency server without permission from Comelec.

Marlon Garcia admitted of installing codes on May 9, the day when Robredo 's votes gone up higher than Marcos in just few hours overnight. Political parties and candidates weren't informed.

The former senator also asked the electoral tribunal to declare the election results in three provinces in Muslim Mindanao namely Basilan, Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao as invalid for terrorism, intimidation, and harrassment to voters and also for pre-shading of ballots.

For her part, Robredo's protest requested PET for manual recount on provinces of Capiz, Sulu, and North Cotabato. According to her, Marcos' first raised issue about the integrity of the automated elections system should be resolved first before the former's senator's request to declare the votes on clustered precints of Lanao del Sur, Basilan and Maguindanao as invalid.

"Protestee Robredo believes and maintains that the issue on the integrity of the automated election system used in the 09 May 2016 national and local elections affects not only her victory but the proclamation of all winning candidates from the President to the lowest councilor," Robredo stated on her preliminary conference brief.

The vice president who allegedly won by cheating is open if decryption of secure digital (SD) cards and ballots images, election returns and audit logs from anomalous precint results.

"Marcos is throwing everything on the wall, hoping that something sticks," stated on her preliminary conference brief.

"For protestee Robredo, and to the millions who voted and supported her, the only truth is that she has been validly voted upon and proclaimed as Vice President of this country," it said.

Source: The Daily Guardian; GMA