Mister, humingi ng tulong para mabawi ang kanyang Misis na sumama sa KABIT.

What will you do if your lover leaves you for someone else?

The Philippines is known to be a Catholic country which means marriage is a very sacred ceremony, uniting a man and woman as one.
However, there are many factors that threatens the sanctity marriage and one of these is infidelity (cheating, adultery (when married), being unfaithful, or having an affair).

In so many cases, infidelity or cheating is the reasone why marital vows are broken or in Filipino terminology 'napakong pangako'. In most situations, men are the ones who often commit such unfaithfulness than women do.

A man named Arnel Lagadia, resorted to taking his marital problem to Raffy Tulfo during a radio show.

According to Lagardia, his wife left him for another man. Arnel's wife, Emily Lagardia, was contacted by Raffy Tulfo and greeted her with a question, "Ms. Emily bakit nyo po sya iniwan at kayo po'y sumama sa ibang lalake?" [Ms. Emily, why did you leave him and followed (lived in) with another man?]

Emily said it wasn't intentional and it was because her husband drove her away, adding he was very mad at her.

Tulfo asked why she immediately run to the other man instead of going back to her parents.

According to Emily, she didn't think it through that's why she ended up with her 'lover' named Jeff. Apparently, the two met through chatting and meeting each other even before the husband discovered their affair.

The husband said he found out from his wife's friend that she was entertaining another man and it was the very reason why he got mad and ousted his wife, she was cheating despite having five children with Arnel.

Emily claimed that she and Jeff were just friends, although they've been secretly meeting each other and also she blamed her husband for quickly believing the rumors about her having and affair with Jeff.

Tulfo said that it was right for Arnel to get mad since the 'rumors' are areal and confirmed. He added that right after Emily was ousted by Arnel, she immediately run to Jeff and started 'lived in' relationship.

Arnel said he forgives his wife despite what she has done and is willing to accept her again for their children's sake.

Emily dully answered 'Okay' when Raffy Tulfo asked if its okay for her to return to her husband.

Jeff, the wife's boyfriend, said that he knows Emily is already married and that she was complaining to him whenever Emily and Arnel argues and fight but as Tulfo stated, if he was really just a friend, he should've just gave the wife an advise and called Jeff an opportunist.

Raffy Tulfo offered to pick her up instead if Emily is having money issues but she asked if her husband could just send her the money to use for going back home. Raffy Tulfo refused to follow her terms and insisted that they'll just pick her up as requested by the husband.

When the three met at the police station, Jeff apologized to Arnel saying he's sorry and he just fell in love with Emily.

Hearing his remark, the police officer who was with them said, "Imposible yang mahal mahal na yan, kalibugan lang yan." That seemed right all along.

The two claimed they were only friends, but when they met with the husband they now claimed they fell in love with each other? Strange.

What kind of friendship between a man and a woman shares a goodbye kiss before parting away?

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Source: RaffyTulfoinAction