MUST WATCH! Australian Supporter of Duterte has a lot to say to the Philippines and to the President!

A Du30 correspondent had a chance to interview an Australian supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Before, Robin Brown dislikes President Duterte because of the things he hear/reads from mainstream media. However, after experiencing it first hand the significant change in the country, most specifically in Cebu, he finally saw the light.

He has been traveling back and forth in the Philippines for twelve years, and just recently, he spent a month in Mindanao.

"I've been traveling in the Philippines for 12 years. I've been over 6 or 7 times. I'm particulary impressed with my recent visit, I just came back 2 weeks ago. Having spent 4 weeks in Mindanao and Cebu. I feel like I've seen a significant change in the Philippines," he said. "I feel like a very positive change."

Robin was asked what does difference does he see in the current President. How is he different from other world leaders and also from the previous presidents of the Philippines?

Brown said that the only thing he could say are his discussions with the taxi drivers, shop keepers and with the people on the streets.

He asked them, "Why do you wear Duterte ['s surname] on your cap, why do you have it on your shoulder? On your shirt?"

Brown was told that they no longer have to pay bribes, they feel safer during at night, their wages have increased because they can drive their taxis at night and they feel safer than before President Duterte's Administration..

"So, I feel like I'm a supporter not because of what he is giving me, although my last trip improved because of him, but because of what he is giving the people," he said.

If he had Australian friends who dislikes President Duterte, he was asked how will he handle them.

Brown said that he, personally disliked Duterte because of what he hears from the media. He was blinded by the media reports.

"Obviously, I'm shocked at what the news is saying about him. My opinion is naturally molded by what the news is saying," he said. "The thing I got on this trip is maybe I should not judge without getting some real world experience," he added.

"To my Australian friends, what I'm saying now is don't have strong opinion without having some basis, without having some experience. Maybe have stronger opinions on other things, but not on the Philippines, if you don't understand it, if you don't understand the problems they are facing," he stated.

Apparently, Brown's children are in Mindanao enjoying their time with their cousins. He was asked if he's not worried about them he answered, "I feel safer now, I sent my kids to the beach, having fun by themselves."

He was also asked what recommendations can he give for the Philippines, given the fact that he's been there and experienced how to live in the country.

"Are there some things that we can improve in the Philippines, your recommendations," the interviewer asked.

"My twelve years in the Philippines, I've always felt that the Philippines have beautiful natural resources, highly intelligent population, well-educated, English-speaking. So, I'm always wondering why is the Philippines held back, what is holding it back? And I always suspected that it's corruption," he said.

"[This time] I feel like the President is finally winning the arm wrestle and like the chain that held back the Philippines, I feel like the President has cut that chain, so, i feel excited about the future of the Philippines," he added.

Brown said that he loves the Filipinos because of their "overwhelming feeling of friendliness".

Finally, Robin Brown congratulated President for his achievements and wishes him to continue on the path he's taking.

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