NAKAKAHANGA : Lalaki, 'nagbihis-ISIS' para 'di puntiryahin ng mga teroristang sniper

More trapped residents in Marawi clashes are starting to find the courage to escape from the danger zone of the city.

Ian Torres, a Christian, in order to successfully flee from snipers of the Maute militant group, he and other Marawi residents, resorted to disguising themselves as members of the terrorist group linked to ISIS.

"Paglabas namin, nag-disguise kami na ISIS. Nagsuot kami ng itim, nagmaskara kami. Pagkatapos gumapang kami hanggang don papuntang ilog," he said.

When they reached the river, Torres said that they had to remove their disguises otherwise the government soldiers will mistaken them for ISIS-Maute terror group members.

"Hinubad namin yung damit namin na itim, kasi baka tamaan kami ng mga sundalo," he added.

Aside from him, Junjun Hilarmo and a fellow worker were also able to crossed the river to reach the location of the government troops.

Hilarmo was a colleague of the other five Christians who were hidden by their Muslim employer for nineteen days.

They were all seventeen in total who were able to escape from the Maute group, however, seven survived, five of them died while the remaining five are still missing.

The survivors fear that their employer's situation, Abdullatiph Gani, who was taken by the terrorists.

Meanwhile, an emotional reunion surfaced when a man, Saipong finally reunited with his wife, Gerldine Mariga. The two were separated due to the battles of the military troops and terrorists.

Saipoding said that he firstly evacuated his children when the clashes started but unfortunately he wasn't able to return due to intense fights at their residence where he left his wife.

The husband then found out that the government authorities were able to rescue his wife who was left trapped in the war for twenty-two long days. Saipoding waited in front of the City Hall but sadly, his wife wasn't riding the ambulance that came.

Due to the efforts of the officials to let the day pass without the married couple meeting again, the two finally reunited.

Geraldine had gunshot on her legs and wounds on some parts of her body.

Clashes are still ongoing in Marawi City between the government troops and the ISIS-linked Maute terror. Media reports states that the government will no longer set deadlines and will focus more on wiping out all terrorist .

There's more than 200 members of the Maute group have died while 60 almost died from the side of the government.

Source: GMA