Netizens lambast a resident of Marawi for blaming President Duterte for their situation

A resident of Marawi is blaming the government for his love one's situation who was left trapped in the midst of the conflict zone.

"Di sya makalabas kasi babarilin sya," she said. "Mahirap pagkain, kasi walang tubig umaasa nalang sa ulan. Alam ko andun po sya ngayon. Pero kung narescue sya siguro siguro buhay pa rin sya, pero alam ko andun sya. Alam ko na nandun sya," she cried.

However, the Marawi resident's cries didn't seem to get the sympathy of some netizens, instead, her interview with the media, stating how miserable her left relative in their home, garnered several negative reactions from netizens in social media.

Well, call them inconsiderate but netizens have had enough of the evacuees blaming the government for their misfortunes. Their comments states that it's not the government's fault but theirs. The military officials have been telling them to evacuate from their houses as soon as possible but most of the residents stayed, worrying about their properties instead of their own lives.

Kimsander A. Santos, a netizen, strikes on the woman blaming the governments for not rescuing her relative right away.

"Kasi naman unang araw palang ng bakbakan pinapalikas na kau,Nagmamatigas pa,kesyo ayaw iwanan ari arian,tapos ngayon si duterte sinisisi nyo?ano ba yan,lahat na nga ng tulong binigay na eh may nagrereklamo pa,hay naku nde ko kau maintindihan," Santos commented.

His comment attracted other netizens, agreeing to his sentiments.

"Ang kagamitan mapapalitan ang buhay hindi na...pinapaalis na kayo noon pa ayaw nyo ngayon reklamo ng reklamo." - Aneeqa Yuina

"Kung sana nagsilikas na sila nuon sumunod sila agad d sana nila nararanasan ang gutom... Tigas kasi ng ulo ng iba. Sana matapos na ang bakbakan mahuli o mapatay na sana lahat ng maute na yan..." - Rose Lily

"Papaano aalis ang mga iyan eh karamihan sa mga iyan kamag anakan din damay damay na kayo dyan pinalilikas tapos ayaw naman ano kasalanan nanaman ng presidente mga bwesit na ito." - Marex Book

"Pabayaan kung sino sa kanila di makatiis ilibing sila din nman nagumpisa ng gulo tas mga kamag anakan nyo.hay nlng hindi mo tlaga maintindhan itong ibang Muslim.mahilig sa gulo." - Geraldine Casabuena

Nearly 70 % of Marawi City's population, representing a total of 140,155 residents out of estimated 201,785 total population, escaped to nearby towns and cities since the conflict in the city started.

The fourth class town, Lanao del Sur, suddenly had it's economy boosting since the evacuees fled in the sleepy province.

Businessmen claimed that their income double if not tripled along the influx of evacuees in their province.

"On Monday alone, I sold P5,000 worth of fish (bakas in the local dialect)," she said.

Aside from her, there are dozens of other smoked fish vendors lined in the one kilometer stretch of road in front of the town hall, however, her fishes still quickly sold out.

The vendor stated that before the fight in Marawi started, there's no way she could have sold so much fishes. But she said, despite the spike of sales, she and other vendors did not take advantage of the situation.

"Our price really dependson the price we pay from our sources," she said. "But so far, a bakas is still being sold at P380 a piece," she said.

"Bakas" is the local term for smoked juvenile tuna, which weighs around at least 2 kilograms each.

Source: News5, INQ