Netizens Wrote Open letters to BBC Journalist Stephen Sackur For Exposing Trillanes' Evil Plans!

Senator Antonio Trillanes' interview with BBC journalist Stephen Sackur 's programme 'HARDtalk' went viral and has received several praises from Filipinos and this had instantly elevated increased the popularity of the English journalist in the Philippines.

Sackur's interview was quite unexpected, given the fact that the international media have been criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte. Several people who have watched the interview were blown away for the extremely unbiased interview to the Filipino senator.

Obviously, Trillanes used the interview to discredit and ruin the credibility of President Duterte to the international media and community, however, his plans didn't worked out.

Because of this, Sackur received several praises from Duterte supporters and some even spent their precious time writing an open letter to the praise-worthy journalist.

MJ Quiambao is a pro-Duterte blogger. She praised the English journalist for doing his in-depth research first before his interview with Trillanes.

She also gave a few corrections and additional information for Sackur's future programme episodes.

Krizette Laureta Chu, another pro-Duterte blogger thank Sackur for "profusely for exposing how ignorant, malicious, and st*pid Antonio "Sonny" Trillanes IV is in this hard hitting interview."

Chu pointed out that there's no such thing as Duterte propaganda machine and that the President's supporters are just "motley crew of patriotic, hopeful Filipinos" who appreciates Duterte's vision.

Chu also attempted to message Stephen Sackur to speak out her mind.

Rafael Alunan, former DILG Secretary alse expressed his praises to Sackur through Facebook. He stated that he "is able to see through masks".

Alunan stated that "Sackur saw him for what he is - a fraud. His questions peeled him wide open for all the world to see".

An ordinary citizen, as she introduced herself, Hedda Joy Tady Tan conveyed her sense of gratitude for two things he did during the interview.

First is that Sackur was level-headed, focused mainly on facts and "succinctly REMINDED the poor senator what the true pulse is, of the people he is supposed to serve as a government official".

Second is that he as a member of the international media have shown the Filipino people that not all media journalists are up by whoever pays the highest price.

"You, a FOREIGNER, had the COURAGE to march outside the ranks of everyone else who's just been producing CRAP on mainstream media for more than one year into our current Filipino story," she said.

Malcolm Conlan, a Pinoy-at-heart British living in the Philippines, described Stephen Sackur as an excellent, very knowledgeable and well researched anchor.

Conlan said that the people in Marawi seems to support President Duterte's martial law, contrary to Trillanes claim that they didn't want the military rule.

Netizens hopes that Stephen Sackur will invite more Filipino politicians to his programme for some grilling.

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Source: Pinoythinking