Nograles: MRT-3 janitors earns P83,000 monthly?

Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) Party-list Rep. Jericho Nograles exposed an unbelievable anomalous transactions between the maintenance service provider, Busan Universal Rail Inc. (BURI), of MRT-3 and the latter itself.

"Where does the money go?" Nograles asked. He also pointed out that the MRT-3 that the janitorial service of the rail system of MRT-3 has P18-million allocation for six personnel only for the six years.

"Eighteen million for six cleaners in three years? The transportation and MRT-3 officials who allowed this travesty and their cohorts at BURI are either dimwits or have criminal minds,” Nograles said.

If the figures of MRT-3's budgets are accurate and legit, their janitors must be receiving a monthly income of more than P83,000.

Nograles compared MRT-3's janitors to bank managers and government officials saying they must be a lot richer than the latter if they received an exact amount of monthly salary of P83,566.

"Their janitors should be a lot richer than most bank managers and government officials with a total of P18.050 million allotted for only six personnel, PBA Party-list representative lamented.

Bank managers only earns P40,000 to P60,000 monthyly while government officials who are in the salary grade 26 earns not more than P83,000 each month.

He also stated that tasks of the janitors were just to clean the interior of 43 MRT-3 Light Rail Vehicles for three years. He also called the budget for the janitorial service is preposterous and utterly scandalous given the fact that tasks covers only Light Rail Vehicles and not the entire MRT-3.

"The transportation and MRT 3 officials who allowed this kind of travesty and their BURI cohorts are either absolute dimwits or are remorseless criminal masterminds," Nograles commented.

"This contract with Busan is a midnight deal and should be scrapped right away," he added. He mentioned that Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade shouldn't pay the service provider at all.

He also stated that the BURI contract was obviously rushed by the Aquino administration without much thought about national interest and public welfare.

"The DOTC entered into this BURI maintenance service contract and Dalian Locomotive supply contracts with so much haste to the point of disregarding national interest and public welfare. Now we are paying for the previous administration’s sins. This should stop now. No more payments until the procurement laws are followed correctly," he added.

"Secretary Tugade should terminate this anomalous contract," he stated.

According to the records of the Department of Transportation Bids and Awards Committee, Sumitomo Corp., MRT's previous mainteance provider only charged P350,000 per month or P11,666 daily for a total of P12.6 million for three years.