Noynoy Aquino, one of the MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR of 2017!

What does it take to be one of the most eligible bachelor?

The Town&Country website have published their list of 2017 edition of most eligible bachelors in the country. Their list is composed of men from different families, careers and some are also future political candidates.

Included in the list is none other than the controversial former Philippine president Noynoy Aquino. Oh yes, he really is included. But what makes him one of the most eligible bachelor worthy of women's attention?

Noynoy Aquino is known to be the Philippine's first bachelor president. Recall how his love life became the most highlighted topic about him other than his management as the president of a country.

As written on the website, "The former president of the Philippines is glad to keep a low profile these days as a regular citizen after handing over the reins to President Rodrigo Duterte, but we’re still wondering: Will he ever find the one? His past dalliances include stylist and blogger Liz Uy, former television host Shalani Soledad-Romulo, and radio DJ Grace Lee."

"Natural habitat: He’s back in the shadow of his celebrity sister Kris Aquino, who has stolen his thunder yet again with an upcoming Hollywood role."

Well, the former president somehow fits the profile as one of the most eligible bachelor of 2017. He's rich, probably has a good family background (which I'm sure some will negatively react to this), and of course, let's not forget that he is single, never been married. Almost.

Also included on the list are, Brian Poe Llamanzares, Senator Grace Poe's son and also the head of the External Affairs committee of his mother's team.

Jeff Ortega, a surfer and entrepreneur is the owner and managing director of La Union Surf School and founded Soul Surf, an annual music festival in La Union, in 2014.

Simon Romulo Tantoco, a corporate of SM and the grandson of the former senator and current Development Bank of the Philippines chairman, Alberto Romulo.

Jaime Alfonso Zobel de Ayala, a Harvard graduate and the son of Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala current chairman and chief executive officer of the Ayala Corporation.

Julia Ongpin,  founder of the Julian Ongpin Young Artists Gallery at Alphaland Makati in 2016, and also the son of Roberto V. Ongpin, the chairman of property developer of Alphaland and former Philippine trade minister

And many more.

Aquino had his fair share of love affairs in the past and it was quite a good list women.

First on the list is Shalani Soledad who dated Aquino for 3 years. The two first met in 2005 when Shalani was still a a UNTV reporter and the Aquino was Tarlac representative at the time. Three years later, the two met again and officially became a couple of September 5, 2008. Their went into spotlight after Aquino announced his own presidential bid a month later after his mother died in August 2009. From then Soledad actively supported her boyfriend and campaigned not only for him but for his whole team.

Many hoped that the ladylike Shalani Soledad will become the first lady. However, their relationship was cut short during the time Aquino assumed the presidency. In November 2010,  Ballsy Aquino-Cruz confirmed that her brother had broken up with Soledad.

Soledad married Pasig City Representative Roman Romulo in January 2012. Romulo recently ran for the Senate but lost.

In the same month, Noynoy Aquino's lovelife became controversial again after his sister Ballsy Aquino-Cruz and TV host Boy Abunda confirmed that the former president and Liz Uy were "getting to know each other," although were not exclusively dating.

Liz Uy became Aquino's official stylist after assuming the presidency. Kris Aquino is among the popular stylist's clients and friends.

In a media interview in 2010 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Yokohama, Japan, Aquino said that they spend time together whenever they have the leisure to do so.

 "We had a conversation and I discovered how beautiful a person she was. I am impressed how she could engage in a conversation," he added.

There was even a rumor about the two being engaged. However, Liz Uy just shrugged it off as a "funny story" in a tweet and Aquino also denied it during the 2010 APEC when he was asked.

The stylist then spoke up and clarified the real score between her and Aquino in a media interview on 2014.

."They say my job is my boyfriend. I don’t have enough time to be in a relationship because of my hectic schedule," Uy said.

Few days later in the same year, the stock broker Len Lopez came under the spotlight when Aquino brought Lopez in his Cabinet's first Christmas dinner. Many times until February 2011, the two were seen in various events and Aquino's sister Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, who seemed to be his official love affair's spokesperson, stated her brother had introduced her to the family and she said, "She's very nice."

Unfortunately, their relationship only lasted until April 2011. Confirmation came that the two had broken up.

In May 2011, Aquino was seen on a date during a concert. He was seen with a Bunny Calica who is a teacher. Their photos together were published on newspapers which made Aquino complain and said, “If ever I get the chance to go out on a date, it seems I invited the entire Filipino people to join me on that date, and I wonder who gave them the right."

Not too many days later, actually it was a month later after the former president was seen with Calica, Aquino's attention then focused to Grace Lee, a Korean-born TV and radio personality.

During the inauguration of the Korea Electric Power Corporation power plant in Cebu, Aquino said he found Grace Lee and the women of Cebu "guwapa (pretty)" and also joked that he might end up getting married there.

The two met again when Lee became the interpreter for the South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak during his state visit in November 2011. Three months later, Aquino was reportedly started going out with the TV personality.

The two were also seen in different occasions until the two were confirmed to have stopped seeing each other in April 2012.

Also linked to Aquino was Pia Wurtzbach before the latter won the crown at the global pageant.

"I know him. I talk to him, yes. He's very fun to talk to," Wurtzbach responded when asked by Kris Aquino if she was dating his brother.

However, Kris Aquino spoke up what she thought why the beauty queen and his brother did not work out.

 "I don’t think she liked Noy," she said. "I think she entertained him but the thing is, you can tell from her character na single-minded." she added.

Although all four sisters of Noynoy approved of her, Wurtzbach stated the since the pageant is approaching, she wanted to focus on it more.

The former president seemed to have a quite fast phase love affairs in the previous years. One for every few days or months. Well, it can happen.

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Source: T&C; Rappler