OPEN LETTER TO TRILLANES: We find you USELESS! We don't need your kind of service!

Filipinos are known to be very vocal in expressing their sentiments towards any government official they like or despise. An example of this 

An open letter addressed to Senator Antonio Trillanes has been circulating the internet for quite a while now.

"We find YOU USELESS for this cause senator. WE DON'T NEED your kind of service to this nation."

Senator is known to be someone who will do anything to ruin President Rodrigo Duterte's reputation. It started during May 2016 campaign. After Duterte took the lead in the presidential surveys, Trillanes who was running for vice presidential position accused Duterte of having at least  P227 million in a bank account in Manila which he didn't declare in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN).

He also claimed that the president and his daughter Sara held joint accounts at BPI branches in Pasig City and EDSA Greenhills and Banco de Oro Unibank-1 in Davao City.

The Senator stated that he has documents that will prove his accusations against the president.

However, because of his thoughtless and desperate move, he created a huge chaos for BPI. Depositors were angered towards the the oldest Philippine bank after Senator Trillanes exposed alleged documents proving Duterte's hidden wealth which were supposed to be CONFIDENTIAL documents between the depositor and the bank.

Lawyers and banking experts said that the bank can sue Trillanes if he's accusations are proven fabricated and false.

"The effect of this issue to the bank is massive and could not be ignored. Since Duterte has already instructed his lawyer to open his bank account on Monday in front of Trillanes, I think he, (Trillanes) will be in serious trouble with the BPI," banking expert Artemio Juson said. 

"I think Senator Trillanes has bitten the dust. Mayor Duterte is proven to be a master of strategy that’s why he is leading the survey. Nobody thought he would run for president until the very last days of COMELEC’s extension to file for COC", Juson added.

Up to date, the senator is still not done dragging the president's honorable name to different accusations which he cannot even prove.

Netizens have expressed different reactions about the contents of the letter. Some were skeptical about the letter but most were applauding the brave initiative of the writer.

Here are some of their reactions.

"It's kind of arrogant for this idiot to sign this as "From the people of the Philippines" when this comes from probably not more than 5 people. Trillanes is useless? Hey! I don't really like the guy either but to call him useless? If he's useless, what does that make Pacquiao?" 
"The letter seems to side step any specics that render him useless and concentrates more on just the basic "I don't agree with you therefore you're wrong". It points out propaganda. How can you have the balls to accuse him of propaganda when the administration has Andanar and Uson spewing propaganda themselves. Duterte just declared the Resorts world shooter as a member of ISIS even though he was clearly not. Isn't that propaganda too?" 
"The beauty of democracy is that anyone can question anyone. That's called freedom. The reason why you can write this letter and send it to a Filipino politician, questioning his service is called freedom. To prohibit people from questioning the methods of the president is spitting in the face of democracy itself. Remember. Only 16 million people voted for him. Our population is at 100+ million. You're still the minority. So please don't go around and make this out like all Filipinos agree with you. I doubt you and the rest of the 16 million voters agree with one another to begin with." - Unknown user
Other users replied:

"Anonymous what gave you the right to say that there are only 5 or more people that support this letter ???? Are you really blind of what Trillanes is doing DISRESPECTING THE ELECTED PRESIDENT???? Don't be little Pacquiao although he's not a lawyer he's got more contributions to his country than TRILLANES who is a REBEL AND TRAITOR ....Too much democracy is no good either that's why PHILIPPINES will never prosper...Everyone has say to everything ... NO DISCIPLINE NO RESPECT ...TOO MUCH FREEDOM ... " - Yeah Ray
"Thanks for this letter.He done nothing instead destabilizing our government our country. He should not there in Senate,he put us shame our country.He keep on yacking and yacking while others are doing their best job. Shame on you Sen Trillanes. What a waste of money you should not paid by the people.So much agree with these letter. Hope soon he will ⸐red!!!" - Anonymous 
"but too much democracy leads to anarchy. there's no problem on asking questions. but he is not asking he is just making things up. you think he was a hero during the oakwood mutiny? he's not he just joined them a week before the mutiny, he hasn't even had held experience, so how can he complain to gloria when all he did was sit in the of⸐fice?"

"when enrile asked him what he did in china and who gave him permission to go there. all he said was " you are not privi to it" that's when enrile told him " you are a traitor to this country""
"until now traitorllanes has not given explanation to those questions" - Anonymous

What can you say about the contents of the letter? Do you agree to any of this? Let us know what you think and share this to let others know!

Source: newsinfolearn