Rider ng e-bike, patay nang matusok ang mata sa bakod na bakal

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An E-bike rider was instantly killed after getting in an accident in Binondo, Manila.

The rider was identified to be Emelita Vergara of Barangay 287, Zone 27, Binondo. Her left eye was pierced to a steel fence of a plaza in Binondo. The rider wasn't wearing a helmet or any protective gear when the accident happened.

Before the accident happened, the barangay's CCTV caught Vergara riding her e-bike not wearing a helmet when she passed by Reina Regenta around 6:54 AM.

By 6:55 AM, the CCTV showed her near the San Lorenzo Ruiz Plaza. However, the actual accident wasn't caught on camera. But on the next scenes on the camera, there were several people gathered surrounding Vergara who then had already been in an accident where her eye was pierced on a steel fence. The location of the accident happened at the lower part of the CCTV's range area.

A volunteer fireman was the first one to respond to the accident. According to him, the Vergara was still alive when taken to the hospital. However, according to Manila Police District Station 11, Vergara died around noon in the hospital.

There were reports that the victim had an epilepsy attack while still pierced on the fence because the witnesses saw the victim having convulsions.

In a text message, the victim was confirmed to have suffered from epilepsy but it was too long ago since the last attack.

Chief Inspector Elmer Gutierrez, chief of the investigation section of MPD Station 11, they were able to talk to one of Vergara's relative who said that the victim doesn't have epilepsy.

Meanwhile, some witnesses noticed that the fence is accident prone due its design and height.

Bonifacio Santisidad, Executive Officer ng Barangay 287 Zone 27, stated that the fence should've been higher than a person.

"Dapat lagpas tao na lang, hindi na nila ibinaba. Ibinaba nila kaya takaw-disgrasya rin," he said.

But the head of engineering of City of Manila, although he did not witnessed the accident, they shouldn't put the blame on the fence and said that the motorist may be the one at fault, since she was not wearing any protective gear or helmet.

Republic Act No. 10054 does not include e-bike riders in wearing any helmet. The Land Transportation Office also issued an Administrative Order determining that helmet must be worn by motorcycles and scooter riders, however, e-bike wasn't included.

Due to this accident, the authorities determined that every rider must wear a helmet while on the road.

"Kung mayroon siyang helmet, 'yung tama niya dito, hindi siya matutusok," pahayag pa ni Santisidad.

Source: GMA