Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET)The group of lawyers of Vice President Leni Robredo plead to the Supreme Court (SC) that is acting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) to dismissed former Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr.'s decryption request and printing of ballot images from the clustered precints subject of his poll protest.

Robredo's camp referred to Marcos' motion to decrypt the ballot images as premature. Citing the Rule 37 of PET, such action is will only be allowed if the integrity of the ballot boxes and their contents had not been compromised and not preserved.

"Clearly, the motion is premature," the comment stated.

They also stated that the PET is still in the process of resolving Robredo's motion for reconsideration if Marcos' protest complied with the requirements of PET Rule 37. The Rule 37 states that an election protest must provide "detailed specification of the acts or omissions complained of showing the electoral frauds, anomalies, or irregularities."

Robredo's lawyers also stated that the issue is whether the ballot boxes should be taken to the tribunal for recounting or not.

"To allow protestant [Marcos] to decrypt and print all ballot images from the secure digital (SD) cards from the entire 36,445 protested clustered precincts will practically grant his prayer for the judicial recount and revision of ballots, which, as stated, is still an issue to be resolved," they commented.

Her lawyers also said the motion was "practically giving" Marcos a "chance to fish for evidence, if not totally confused on the remedy he wants to pursue; whether actual revision of ballots or merely decryption of ballot images."

Romulo Macaintal, Robredo's adviser, is puzzled on how can the former senator pay for the "tremendous and huge cost" for the decryption. He noted that each clustered precint costs P6,000. If ever, Marcos will be needing P218.67 million for all of the 36,445 clustered precints.

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos who was allegedly defeated in the vice presidential 2016 due to cheating done in Negros Oriental, Camarines Sur and Iloilo where the massive cheating really was.

To prove the allegation against Robredo's camp schemes, the former senator requested the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) for a manual recount and investigation of the ballots in Iloilo, where the massive cheating occured, Negros Oriental and Camarines Sur, Robredo's 'baluarte' which was written in their 99-paged Preliminary Conference Brief that Marcos' lawyers submitted on June 16, 2017.

"We are contesting 36,000 clustered precincts comprising of 30 provinces but we are looking at the numbers and we have seen that these provinces are very significant," Marcos spokesperson, Atty. Vic Rodriguez, said.

For her part, Robredo's protest requested PET for manual recount on provinces of Capiz, Sulu, and North Cotabato. According to her, Marcos' first raised issue about the integrity of the automated elections system should be resolved first before the former's senator's request to declare the votes on clustered precints of Lanao del Sur, Basilan and Maguindanao as invalid.

"Protestee Robredo believes and maintains that the issue on the integrity of the automated election system used in the 09 May 2016 national and local elections affects not only her victory but the proclamation of all winning candidates from the President to the lowest councilor," Robredo stated on her preliminary conference brief.

According to the camp of Marcos, Robredo received over 1.46 million votes which is why votes for the Robredo suddenly went up ahead overnight against Marcos on May 9, 2016.

If PET will find anything suspiscious from the mentioned provinces, they'll be convinced to proceed with the manual recount to other provinces as well.

Source: GMA