STEPHEN SACKUR TO FILIPINOS: Next time, please vote officials who are smarter and can understand the reality in the Philippines!

What happens when a senator gets a dose of his own medicine? He gets burned! Burnt to the core!

Before, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) journalist Stephen Sackur was just a stranger to many Filipinos. He was one of the mainstream media who most Filipinos have lost their faith when it comes to dependable, reliable and unbiased news casting.

However, that all came to an end after Sackur's controversial interview with one of the Philippines' incumbent senator, Antonio Trillanes, on his BBC programme 'HARDtalk', thus, instantly making Sackur popular in the Philippines.

Finally, Filipinos have heard from him again and this time, he threw more mud at the senator.

The BBC journalist was a guest at MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Monday morning.

*MSNBC is an American basic cable and satellite television network.

"I think I did great, but Senator Trillanes was out of tune. His answers were not what I was expected. I think the Philippines cannot go forward if the Filipino people continue to vote candidates who lacks understanding and knowledge on the real issues surrounding their country," Sackur said.

The host also explained that Trillanes' answers were not what he was expecting from an incumbent senator.

"The senator was subjective and that what makes our discussion out of tune. I was expecting honest answers based on facts, but Sen. Trillanes gave me personal opinion," Sackur added.

Describe Trillanes' interview in 'HARDtalk in one word. CATASTROPHIC.

As shameless as he can be, Trillanes still tried to hold his head up high from criticisms of his 'epic fail' interview.

In a statement, Trillanes said that his interview in BBC was among the proudest moments of his life. WHAT?

"People who watched the full interview, not the spliced one, are entitled to their own opinions. The haters will hate; the believers will believe," he said.

"Personally, knowing the impact of the interview to the global audience and knowing now that Hardtalk is very popular yet the most difficult talkshow for any guest, I can honestly say that it is one of the proudest moments in my public life," the senator explained. "Setting aside the trolls, the critics who gave very negative feedback presume that they can do better. But we very well know that they cannot. So, we march forward."

Many Filipinos applaud Stephen Sackur's unbiased interview with Sen. Trillanes. Sackur did a background check not only on the current events in the Philippines but also on the senator.

Netizens found hope on Sackur, that maybe, not all people from the media are like those who says yes to whoever can offer the most money. Open letters were posted online for the journalist from several Filipinos, thanking him for being true to his job and exposing Trillanes' one sided remarks towards President Rodrigo Duterte in front of the international media and community.

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