Supporter of Trillanes from the Guardians Brotherhood lambasted him for DISGRACING A SOLDIER'S DIGNITY

Rodelio Halili Mamac Sr. or just Tony Mamac is the chairman of Barangay Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga and also the Supremo (Supreme Godfather) of the Guardians Brotherhood.

Mamac is a staunch supporter of the Liberal Party based in Angeles City and also of incumbent Senator Antonio Trillanes, however, because of the latter's recent remarks about the current Philippine President, this staunch supporter of the senator expressed his disappointment towards him and lectured him for being disrespectful towards the man holding the highest position in the country and of the government through his post on his personal account on Facebook.

The 'Supremo' said that Trillanes should know better as a former military officer and now an incumbent senator of the Republic of the Philippines the courtesy and discipline which was repeatedly thought in military schools.

He also said that addressing the President only by his surname is inappropriate. He quoted Sen. Trillanes' recent comments towards the President and his entire administration, "pag wala na sila sa posisyon, pupulutin sila sa kangkungan". Mamac stated that such remark is uncalled for and unbecoming.

Mamac also pointed out that even though he is obviously not in good terms with the President, he should still be "properly accorded with due courtesy and respect".

He also recalled how the senator personally visited him and all the Guardians and Magdalos during the 2016 elections. They campaigned for him on the entire Central Luzon but being disrespectful towards the "duly elected President in a national television is insubordination and conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman."

Read his message below:

"With due respect to Senator Trillanes, being he a former military officer and a sitting Senator in the Senate for sure he knows the wisdom of Courtesy and Discipline which was repeatedly thought in the military schools."
"Calling the President in his surname and commenting "pag wala na sila sa posisyon, pupulutin sila sa kangkungan", is uncalled for and unbecoming."
"We know that you are not in good terms with President Duterte. But as the President of the Republic voted by 16 Million filipinos, he deserves and must be properly accorded with due courtesy and respect."
"During the last election, as Supreme Godfather (SUPREMO) of the GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD, i voted and campaigned for you together with all the GUARDIANS and MAGDALOs in Central Luzon because we know what you are fighting for. If you still remember you visited me and all the Guardians and Magdalos in Barangay Balibago."
"But DISRESPECTING our duly elected PRESIDENT in national television is insubordination and conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman."

Brief History of Guardians Brotherhood

The The Guardians Brotherhood Organization was founded by Sgt. Leborio "ABRAHAM" Jangao, Jr.

It was primarily known as 'DIABLO SQUAD (DS) in 1976. Originally, the organization is composed of eleven members including the founder. It was a fraternity of soldiers that was built to symbolize brotherhood, unity, solidarity and oneness. It's symbolical aspirations gained the more membrs.

"In the later part of the year 1976, the Diablo Squad, now mostly members of the detachment under Sgt. Jangao, was transferred in Brgy. Balitog, a division of the Municipality of Glan, South Cotabato where they were assigned to conduct peacekeeping campaigns."

"Perceiving their integrity and sincerity, the DS members gained popular support and recognition from the constituents of Brgy. Baliton for such exemplary performance and as a token of appreciation, officials from the said barangay commended the group with a citation."

"Being a soldiers whose assignment is at all times fleeting, Sgt. Jangao was appointed to the Lanao del Norte Const. Command in 1979 and there he met Capt. Gil "LAPU-LAPU" Taojo, Jr. and Capt. Anastacio "PATTON" Labitad of the Phil. Army, (now a retired Colonel)of the Phil. Army, and recruited them into the DS fraternity."

Source: Tony Mamac, Guardians