Suspek sa Bulacan massacre, umaming lasing at naka-droga "Trip-trip lang"

The San Jose del Monte, Bulacan massacre victims were identified as Estrella Carlos, her kids aged 1, 7 and 11; as well as her mom Auring.

The police are eyeing at rape as a motive behind the killings of the two female victims who were found half-naked.

Carmelito Ibañez, a construction worker, tagged the names of two others who were involved in the massacre of three children, their mother and a grandmother. He identified the two in their aliases, Tony and Inggo.

Ibañez said that he, Tony and Inggo were living in an abandoned house beside the victims' house. They also sniffed a P150 worth of shabu and drank gin and beer before entering the house of the victims around 2 AM on Tuesday.

He confessed of stabbing the children multiple times whose ages were only 1, 5, and 11 yeards old. They did the same thing to their mother Estrella Carlos and the elderly woman, Auring. Although already dead, Ibañez stated that he and his companions sexually harassed the Estrella and Auring.

Upon Dexter Carlos Jr. arrival hours later,  Estrella's husband, he found his family's dead bodies.

Ibañez is now in the custody of San Jose del Monte police and are still searching for Tony and Inggo.

The husband, Dexter Carlos Jr., agreed to have them autopsied, which revealed Estrella was stabbed 45 times in the body while her mother Auring was stabbed 32 times.

The 11-year old kid was stabbed 14 times, the 5-year old sustained 19 stabs while the youngest 5 times.

Dexter is appealing for the immediate capture of the criminals behind his family's massacre so that he can bring them back home to their province.

The suspect in the murder of a family in Bulacan admitted that he was under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs while committing the heinous crime.

Currently, the police have seven persons of interest who were invited by the authorities for their statements to shed some light on the heinous crime. A few these persons vowed to help in the massacre case.

"Yung mga persons of interest natin ay lahat ng may access sa pamilya, ito ay pwedeng maging witness at pwede rin makatulong sa’tin," Supt. Fitz Macariola, hepe ng san Jose del Monte Bulacan-Philippine National Police.
San Jose del Monte Mayor Arthur Robes at Bulacan Governor Wilhelmino Sy-Alvarado offered a P100,000 reward for useful information on the whereabouts of the criminals.

Basing on the crime report, police investigation revealed the possibility that there were two suspects. The door knob at the back side of the victim's house, which was used their point of entry, was hammered.

"Ang motibo na nakikita natin ay ang panggagahasa ang pakay nila talaga sa mga biktima," Carlos stated.

To anyone who are willing to help or have any valuable information, Dexter Carlos is appealing for help. You can contact contact him at 0939-280-9343.

Source: ABS-CBN