Actual Footage :Motorist shot dead by a former Philippine Marine in Makati

A motorist was shot dead in Makati by an alleged former Marine officer.

In the CCTV footage, the suspect was seen arguing with the victim. Moments later, the alleged former Marine was waiting for the motorist and shoot him multiple times.

The suspect fled in a taxi he halted on the road and was later seen in a different CCTV withdrawing money in an ATM machine to pay for the taxi fare.

In a media interview, the taxi driver said that the suspect admitted to him killing a man because he was being arrogant.

"Sinabi nya lang mayabang daw," he said. When he asked why he shot the victim.

"Eh kasi mayabang eh, nayayabangan ako," the suspect answered him.

After hearing his reason, he tried to keep his thoughts to himself in fear that the he too might get shot, given the fact that the suspect killed a man only because he felt he was arrogant.

The suspect was identified as Marcelino Paragoya Canamo Jr, alias Marco, a former Marine officer while the victim name was Ediscon Kendumpa, 29 years old.

Kendumpa was his family's breadwinner and was scheduled to get married this year.

"Sobrang sakit po ma'am, yun po naghahanapbuhay sa amin, tapos po katuwang po sya sa akin po. Halos laki po ng naitulong sa amin," said the his mother in an interview.

Makati Police Chief Inspector Roman Salazar said that the suspect might have mistaken the victim to be a 'habal-habal' driver and asked to take him to Taguig. Kendumpa resisted from the Marine's request, leading to his death.

A murder case is filed against Canamo and the police are currently in search for his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, a shooting incident was also caught in a CCTV footage where a live-in partner was shot to their deaths by a riding-in-tandem in Barangay Balangkas, Valenzuela City.

The couple were seen riding a bicycle and a riding-in-tandem were tailing the two. One of the suspects fired multiple gunshots at them.

The victims had shots on their bodies and heads, instantly killing them. A sachet of 'shabu' was found in one of the male victim's pocket.\

According to his uncle, his nephew was previously reprimanded in the Oplan Tokhang and stopped using illegal drugs from then. But there were men who kept on getting back at him.

He also thinks that the guy waiting at a sidecar who was seen in the footage was an accomplice.

"Binaril yung pamangkin ko, bagsak. Pagkabagsak yung isa naman tinira, ung babae. Pero yung lalaking nakaupo rito, kinakapkapan nya yung dalawa. Kutob ko tinaniman eh," he claimed.

Authorities confirmed that the shooting was drug-related because the victims were known to be drug users.

P/Sr. Supt. Ronaldo Mendoza, Valenzuela PNP chief, said that they'll be searching for him [man waiting in a sidecar] to get a clearer explanation of what exactly happened.

Source: News5