BOC Official Scolded for Calling House Speaker Alvarez an "Imbecile"

Lawmakers on Wednesday pointed out the rude behavior of a Bureau of Customs (BOC) official after calling House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez "imbecile" in social media.

Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas reprimanded Atty. Mandy Anderson, the BOC official, for her savage yet unnecessary post on Facebook against House Speaker Alvarez.

Fariñas scolded Alvarez during a joint inquiry on the P6.4 billion worth of shabu that were recovered in warehouses in Valenzuela City last May.

During the said hearing, Fariñas flashed a screenshot of Anderson's caption in a news story she shared about Alvarez threatening to dissolve the Court of Appeals over the detention case of six Ilocos Norte officials.

The said caption says:

"I'm hoping and praying he tries so he realizes what an imbecile he is when he fails. Isn't there anyone else in the House composed of 200+ representatives who can actually be Speaker? Nakakahiya na!"

Photo from Rappler
Fariñas fired on Anderson on the hearing.

"This was sent to me by a lot of members because they were taken aback. I could not believe it myself that a government official would do it," Fariñas said.

"You believe, as a government official, that you can call the fourth highest official in the land an imbecile?" Fariñas told Anderson.

Photo from Inquirer

Atty. Mandy Anderson is the head executive assistant of Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon.

Anderson was quick to respond to the scolding and defended herself, saying that she has the "freedom to express" her opinion on elected officials.

Fariñas then warned that all appropriation revenues originate from the House of Representatives where Alvarez is under, therefore, an officer calling the Speaker of the House an "imbecile" may put in danger the function of the agency.

Anderson then apologized for her Facebook status.

"I would like to apologize to the body and to the other lawmakers who are not here. That was not directed to you and I did not think of you when I did that," Anderson said.

In an interview with reporters after the said joint inquiry, Deputy Speaker Miro Quimbo said that he shall leave to the Bureau of Customs as to what their office will do to discipline the officials working under them.

"Hindi kami magdidikta sa Bureau of Customs kung anong dapat [gawin]. Nakita naman sa hearing kung anong klaseng ugali meron ang mga kawani niya. Hindi rin naman direktang insulto, pero hindi rin naman nila ginagawa ang kanilang trabaho," Quimbo said.

"Kailangan nilang ipaliwanag kung paano nangyari ito... Anong pinagkaiba kung bibigyan sila [ng] budget, e hindi rin naman nila ginagawa ang trabaho nila? They have to justify and explain to use why they deserve this budget," he added.

Quimbo further said that he will not release budget for BOC until the matter is explained by the agency.

"Until this matter is sufficiently explained to the House, I will move that the BOC receive zero budget for the coming years... There is no way that a group of 290-plus imbeciles will approve the budget of an agency that calls it idiotic. There's just no way," he added.

Sources: Rappler & GMA News