Boxing Analyst Theodore Atlas Disappointed Over PacHorn Decision, Says Pacquiao is "Victim of Screw Job"

Theodore Atlas, also known as Teddy Atlas, was not happy about the result of the Pacqiao-Horn boxing fight, thinking that the Manny Pacqiao was “a victim of a screw job”. Teddy Atlas is a famous boxing trainer and ESPN commentator.

Jeff Horn, an underdog in comparison to the 8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao, was declared the winner via unanimous decision nod after twelve rounds of fight, thus becoming the new WBO welterweight world champion, which disappointed many viewers, including Atlas himself.

After the fight, Atlas did not keep his feelings to himself, and obviously wasn’t two-faced when he interviewed the now Australian hero Jeff Horn.

According to the boxing analyst, the result is a manifestation of “ either incompetence or corruption”. He partly leaned to believe the latter, because during the fight Pacqiao definitely predominated the ring.

In actual fact, the consensus believed that Jeff Horn would not go pass the sixth round because of his observable faltering condition, much less earn the the title at the end of the bout. The undefeated aussie has shown passion to defeat Pacquiao towards the end of the fight, however, Atlas remarked that a ‘’heart” is not enough in itself to win the fight.

"They gave a trophy, a win, a huge win to Horn, the local kid for trying hard. You're not supposed to get for trying hard, you're supposed to get it for winning!" Atlas screamed in dismay.

Wait there is more, though, as the boxing analyst continued with his tirades.

During the interview at the end of the event where everyone were celebrating for the turn-out of the fight, Teddy Atlas did not even save face as he talked with Horn over the microphone.

"Congratulations, great effort, but I thought you lost," Atlas said to Horn face to face.

However, despite the incredulity of the many who thought Pacquiao would come out triumphant in the end, there were also others who would believe from now on that Jeff Horn is new world boxing champion.

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There is, nevertheless, a good news to those who aren’t convinced with the result of the fight.

There is a rematch provision in the fight contract, therefore, there is a possibility for the two boxers to meet again inside the ring to prove again their boxing prowess.

In his whole professional boxing career, it was the second time that Pacquaio was involved in a controversial result of a fight. The last time was Tiumothy Bradley in their 2012 fight, where the panel gave Bradley who was then an underdog, a split decision victory. He was present during the Pacquaio-Horn fight, along the side of Atlas who was his trainer.

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