Bulacan massacre suspect retracts admission, cries torture

Carmelino "Miling" Ibañes, one of the Bulacan massacre suspects, withdrew his confession of killings and claimed that police officers tortured him in order to make him admit what he did not do.

Ibañes said he was punched on the chest. His head was wrapped in plastic until he couldn't breathe.

"Dito po sa dibdib, sinuntok po. Binalot po ako ng plastic sa ulo, noong 'di na po 'ko makahinga, naano, parang mauubusan po ko ng hangin sa katawan," he said denying his involvement in the murders.

"Wala po kong kinalaman po doon sa binibintang po nila sa akin. 'Yung pagpatay po doon sa mga tao. Doon po sa masaker po, wala po akong kinalaman doon. Natakot lang po ako," he said.

The suspect also claimed that his hand was hammered by cops.

However, none of the body parts where he claimed to have been tortured does not have any traces of bruising or traces of torture. In his defense, he said that the bruises are now healed. That was fast.

Supt. Fitz Macariola, chief of San Jose del Monte police denied the accusations of torturing suspect.

"It is so aburd. Hindi po namin gagawin 'yun. Unang-una, nang siya ay nasa custody po namin, actually personally I'm the one taking care of him, so it's impossible na siya po ay nagawan ng ganon," he said in a media interview.

"Kahit pa siya ay suspek, we are expecting na his statement now may change overnight, so 'di kami nagbabase ng aming kaso o future ng aming kaso on his sworn statement or his confession," Macariola added.

Ibañes confessed to the killings of Auring Dizon, her daughter Estrella, and three minor grandchildren while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. He and his companions trespassed in the house of the victims last week.

Meanwhile, President Duterte was fuming in anger towards the massacre suspects. He said during his visit at the wake of the victims in San Jose del Monte Bulacan that there'll be justice for murder of Dexter Carlos' family.

"There will be justice. How? They said one has been killed. If that’s the case, there will be many more to come," he said during his visit. "You know, wherever you go, I will catch up with you," he added.

"When the time comes, you’re dead. Whatever human rights  would do, let them take care of it. Maybe they [human rights groups] would like to handle anti-drug [campaign], I am willing to let go all together my particular duty in reference to drugs. I can give it to them and they are afraid, you enforce it. Not all criminals would live," Duterte said.

Source: GMA