Canadian political commentator slams the shameless mainstream media of the Philippines

Philippines have gotten quite nosier than before. Having too much controversy which started even before when the ever-so-trending new incumbent President assumed office.

A lengthy Facebook post of Amir Assadollahi proved that not all from the international community sees Duterte as a mortal enemy of mankind in the Philippines but he is depicted as the right and timely leader of the country.

The Canadian political scientist, Assadollahi, wanted to give the National Union of Journalist in the Philippines (NUJP) a slap of reality. He wanted them to understand that their below the belt news reporting will eventually, actually it's currently, dragging the entire reputation of the Philippines in the deep mud.

He believes not all sane journalist agree with the NUJP. He's had enough time studying and observing the way of politics in the country and how many journalists greatly influences the minds of the people while portraying daily news.

As a result of his observations, sad to say, they "lack the journalistic integrity and lack honesty". How? By continuously and purposely "twisting the news and taking the speeches out of context to make sure international community does not know the reality in the Philippines".

The news organization, "owned by corrupt political and economic oligarchs" , have never reported a "single worthy or honest or truthful news" - namely GMA, ABS-CBN, Inquirer, Rappler and the Philippine Star.

According to him, these large news organizations are aiming to feed the Filipinos and the entire global community false and biased news.

As he mentioned, he have written few commentaries before on how to keep the media honest and so far, his efforts were fruitful seeing several people and other volunteers taking steps in showing to the international community that the Filipinos are recognizing the lies spread and actions done by their own mainstream media to sabotage the country's own national interests.

Furthermore, he said the NUJP is guilty of deception and fake news news which they shamelessly spread in the international community by distorting information that only benefit their corrupt bosses.

Instead of using their journalistic skills and years of training to help the country in succeeding, Assadollahi said they are instead "supporting criminal behaviors and corruption."

At the end, the Canadian political commentator suggested that now is maybe the time to create a union of journalists in the Philippines. An new organization with integrity and honesty in their jobs.

To read his entire letter, check below:

Receiving refuge from people you least expect rather than those whose ethnicity that aren't different from your own is probably the most fulfilling and yet saddest reality of life.

As much as we hate to admit, the Philippine's mainstream media will continue to drag us down in order to get things their way. After all, to them, money makes the world go around.

Which is why when majority of the Filipinos' only hope was found in President Rodrigo Duterte's leadership, rough but true to his words, they strive to protect him in return from evil-inspired elements of the society.