Chop-chop Victim sa Rizal, Nahukay! Mga Suspect, Menor de Edad

Killed, chopped, and burned. That was the end of a murder victim in San Mateo, Rizal.

In an exclusive report by GMA News, the buried body was dug on April 11 after a relative of the owner of the compound where the body was buried discovered that there was indeed a corpse lying beneath their ground.

Through a search warrant, the area was dug. After an hour of digging, the back part of a body peeked from the soil. Later on, the arms and legs were found, and eventually, the head of the body. Also retrieved in the area are the equipment used in chopping and burning the body.

The suspects of the crime? Two minors.

According to SPO1 Gomercindo Digma, suspicions arose after the confusing statements regarding what was buried under the area.

"Nung una ang sinasabi nila, gamit na nalaglag, naging hayop. Hindi nila idinetalye ng kumpleto kung sino talaga," SPO1 Digma said.

The investigation revealed that the victim was killed before the suspects chopped the body and burned it. The suspected area where the suspects burned the body was found near the site where they buried the body as traces of the burning were still present there.

In an April 2 CCTV footage retrieved by the investigating team, the two suspects, who were siblings, were seen walking back and forth in the area where they buried the body. It was later confirmed that by that time, they were already carrying the equipment used for chopping and burning the body to the area.

Police investigation further revealed that the victim's body was chopped into parts in the bathroom and transported piece by piece to the area of burying.

Watch the full video report below.

The suspects, aged 17 and 16, did not confess to the police but they were still arrested.

On April 12, the day after the digging, the police called for Michael Masinsin, the last person whom the victim interacted and messaged on Facebook before the victim was murdered.

According to Michael, it has been two weeks that his son, Lyndon, 19, went missing. Michael confirmed that the victim was his son, based on the teeth and the statements given by a witness to the crime.

The body was already taken care of by the family of Michael. The remains of the victim was supposed to be formally buried on May 3. However, the court did not allow it yet as they are still waiting for the result of the DNA test to confirm if the body was indeed Michael's son's.

"Para sunugin mo, putol-putolin mo. Hindi gawa ng tao yun," Michael said in an interview.

Based on police investigations, the possible motive for the crime was anger towards the victim for not being able to give back a cellphone charger. The victim was accused of stealing for this and believed to have led to the murder.

Proof to this is a screenshot message of a conversation between the older suspect and a witness.

Aside from the two suspects, the police were also on the lookout for one more person who was also involved in the crime, during the murder and burying of the body.

The Philippine National Police has already filed a murder charge against the two suspects.

Source: Youtube