CHR Chairman Gascon Will Investigate Abuses under Martial law even if there is NO formal Complaint

Chito Gascon, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) chairman, said that his office has yet to receive a formal complaint of abuses and violations on human rights in Marawi which is currently under a martial rule. There is an ongoing war in the city of Marawi after a terrorist group named Maute invaded the place.

“Is there any form of complaints so far on abuses during martial law declaration of the president so far…” Pinky Web, the CNN program host at such time asked the CHR chairman who interrupted  her immediately.
“Formal complaints, let me say we have not received any in our central office. It’s possible that in our few offices, individual subcomplaints, but with or without complaints we send out our monitors, we receive reports, and we have been receiving reports which we are now verifying [and] validating that there were abuses either in the areas of the conflictin Marawi, but also across Mindanao,” Gascon answered  in a CNN live interview.

The TV host was slightly confused about the answer the chairman to which she asked: “So you’re receiving reports but there has been no form of complaint yet, am I correct?”

“Not that I know of … with the Commission on Human Rights,” he answered. “There are, of course complaint that had been filed to the Supreme Court about the basis for the declaration of martial law. That’s a matter for the Supreme Court to resolve ultimately whether we agree with it or not but what we’re interested is ensuring that no human rights are violated in the course of the execution of the martial law actions in Marawi … and of Mindanao. We did receive early on in the first few days report that, you know, there was a racial and religious profiling [in] particular villages where or barangays where there were lots of Muslims … people without IDs were being separated in process. All of these [is what] we’re going to include in our collation of reports,” he added in a lengthy and still vague way.

This is when there had been circulating informal complaints about the abuses perpetrated by the military in Marawi as the war was going on.

Netizens are divided about the interview of charman Chito Gascon. While others are quite cynical about the possibility of human rights violation in Marawi, there are also some who questioned how the commission oversaw the situation.

One netizen asked: “CHR Gascon, have you been to Marawi personally to attend to the needs of the displaced people there or just sitting pretty in your cozy office thanks to the hardly earned taxpayer's money? #TheSource.”

“Imaginary Complainants,imaginary witnesses,HALUCINATION na yan,Hahahaha one year na pero till now puro allegations pa din kayo wala pa din kayo mapakitang proof [or] evidence,” another is incredulous about the issue.

Source:CNN News