Coach Freddie Roach Admits Disappointment :"Pacquiao Performace is "way off"

Not only were the Filipinos and supporters of Manny Pacquiao disappointed of Pacman's loss over Aurtralian Jeff Horn. As it turned out, even Coach Freddie Roach was also reported to have been disappointed, but not mainly on the fight, but in Manny Pacquiao himself.

Reports state that this alleged rift between Manny and his long-time coach started during the training for the recent fight when Team Pacquiao wasn't able to have enough time to train and spar in preparation for Manny's fight to defend his Welterweight belt against Horn.

This lack of time has been greatly a result of Manny attending to his duties and responsibilities in the Philippine senate where he is elected as a senator.

According to seven-time Coach of the Year awardee Coach Freddie Roach, they kicked off their training with Manny pretty well. However, when the sparring started, Coach Roach saw changes in Manny that alarmed him. Roach said that Manny has lost his timing while sparring with his sparring partners at the Elorde gym, Five E-Com Building inside the Mall of Asia complex.

Furthermore, Coach Roach said that when he arrived in the country to train with the People's Champ, he was expecting Manny to show a great training performance, but he said he Manny was not in the condition that he, Roach, wanted him to be.

Coach Roach compared Manny to his previous fight training, describing him in his training performance for his fight against Horn as "way off."

Early interviews with Roach during their training revealed that Team Pacquiao had been way behind their supposed schedule.

After the Pacquiao's fight against Australian Horn at Brisbane, Australia last July 2, Coach Freddie Roach expressed his dismay.

He said that Manny Pacquiao fought well. However, he did not deliver what Coach Freddie wanted him to deliver.

He also added that despite Manny's commendable performance during his last fight, he had been inconsistent during the match. Coach Freddie stated that Manny fought well in some rounds but he also suffered in some.

It can be remembered that Manny Pacquiao lost his Welterweight belt to the undefeated Jeff Horn after 12 rounds of boxing match to a unanimous decision by the judges favoring Horn.

Rumors about cheating rose after the fight as Pacquiao supporters bashed the results, especially the said referee of the match for alleged intentionally ignoring Horn's cheating. Boxing analysts also commended Pacquiao's performance despite his loss.

Meanwhile, the team of Horn believed that one big factor to their victory over Manny is the internal turmoil happening inside Team Pacquiao before and during the match.

When asked about Manny's possible retirement as a boxer to become a full-time senator, Hall of Fame Coach Feddie Roach answered that he will really sit down and talk intently to Manny about it. He said that he is in the middle of Manny's dilemma over senate and boxing and wanted to help Manny decide which path to pursue and which to give up.

However, Coach Roach has admitted that Manny doing both boxing and senate will really rob each career of time and therefore would want to suggest to Manny think about it. Proof to that is the recent complications and constraints in the training schedule for Pacquiao as he as training, and at the same time attending to his Senate duties.

Coach Roach added that if a rematch happens between Horn and Pacquiao, Manny could perform better. He said it is possible for Manny to perform better than his last match when he would focus on boxing.

In addition, Coach Roach also expressed that Manny can retain his strength, agility, and former skills in the rematch, if only given with enough time to prepare.

Rumors of rematch had spread and Team Pacquiao is open for it and are quite positive about it.

Source: SpinPh