CPP founder Joma Sison advised Duterte to consult a psychiatrist because he has a "sick mind"

Founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), Jose Maria Sison, maliciously responded on the remarks of President Rodrigo Duterte's second state of the nation (SONA) about Sison. The rebel group's founder even advised the Philippine President to go see a professional psychiatrist because he has a "sick mind".

"I pity him and I am tempted just to let him go because what he says against me is patently baseless and comes obviously from a sick mind," Sison said in a Facebook post.

"But I still have to answer him to prevent him from misleading the public and rousing them the wrong way. At any rate, he has to look after his mental health and consult with a professional psychiatrist," Sison added.

Sison also berated the President after the latter advised him to just kill himself to lessen the burden he is giving to the Norwegian government due to his disease. Sison escaped to Europe in 1987 when the failed to pursue.

"Sison, tumanda ka na lang diyan. Ayaw mo pa aminin na may sakit ka. Maawa ka naman sa Norwegian government. Pakamatay ka na lang," Duterte said during the ceremonial turnover of financial assistance to the families of government troopers and police officers killed in the Marawi City siege.

"Kaya nga pinapaalis na kayo sa Norway,” Duterte added. “Alam mo, ’yung Norway, ‘yung partido ngayon na humawak ng gobyerno, matatalo. Ang issue dahil sa gastos na pinatira kayo doon at ’yung ospital mo, wala kang bayad-bayad. Maawa ka naman sa Norwegian government. Magpakamatay ka na lang," he added.

As a response to Duterte's statements, he again advised the President to go and take care his mental health.

"I am amused when Duterte advises me to commit suicide. I will never accept nor give him such an advice. But what I suggest to him is to consult a professional psychiatrist to take care of his mental health," Sison said.

Sison denied the Royal Norwegian Government (RNG) was the one financing his medical treatment and most is being paid by a Dutch private foundation.

"Now, let us correct his false claims against me and expose his lack of factuality. He seems to be under the impression that I stay most of the time in Norway and get my medical treatment there. No, I stay most of the time in The Netherlands," he said.

"It is a Dutch private or NGO charitable foundation that pays for my medicine and medical treatment to the extent of more than 98 percent in the last 10 years or so." Sison added.

He ended his Facebook post, questioning Duterte's mental stabilitly. He asked if he is having a good time with the so-called extrajudicial killings.

"First, he threatened to kill me. Now, he tells me to commit suicide. Is this another symptom of a malady in which the sick person enjoys boasting of having police units and death squads that commit extrajudicial killings with impunity and with monetary rewards per victim?" He ended.

Durng the second SONA of President Duterte at the Batasan Complex, he revealed that Jose Maria Sison has colon cancer, adding that the RNG is paying most of his medical treatment. He also called out to Sison to surrender and stop burdening the Norwegian government.

"Ikaw, Sison, tang … Mag-inom ka ng Tang ‘yung orange. [laughter] Matanda ka na. Kayong Pilipinas, makinig, buong Pilipinas. Kayong mga bata, kayong mga Lumad natives, itong matatanda na ito, Sison is sick. May colon cancer. Ang gastos ng Norway, sumurender na siya. Kasi naging isyu sa pulitika eh. This government who sponsored those – who provided the good offices," Duterte said in his speech.

Duterte firmly said that he will never talk to the rebels.

"Kayong mga Left, I will not talk to you. Why should I? Huwag mo na akong pilitin na magpatayo kayo mga pro-poor, shut up. Wait for two years, because I have…"

Not to mention the New People's Army's attack on the guards of the President at the  Arakan, North Cotabato where one was killed while four were wounded.

"You know, this is my proposal. I may be totally wrong and I will accept it, but this is mine. From now on, I will save money for the Armed Forces of the Philippines. We have lost so much soldiers. And there are thousands already incapacitated to fight. Pati ’yung police ko, araw-araw ninyong ina-ambush. Pati ang convoy ko, kasi doon ako mag-sakay, ina-ambush nila," he stated.

"Pati akong – g***. P*****i**, pati ako, patayin nila. Sabagay, malayo ako doon. Pero convoy ko kasi ‘yun eh. Waiting lang ako doon sa ano… Alam mo ginamitan niyo ng machine gun. Kaya lang armorized," Duterte added.

Source: Rappler, INQ