Duterte is "Heaven Sent" Praised Mayor Emerson Pascual

During the latest State of the Nation Address by President Duterte, a lot of pro-Duterte personalities had expressed their support for the President as he partook on the center stage to address the million Filipinos his second SONA.

And one of these personalities is Nueva Ecija Major, Emerson Pascual, who described the President as "heaven sent."

Photo from TNP
Pascual said that the country was in a state of chaos when the President was elected into office. He said he does not know what the nation would be like if it weren't for President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Furthermore, he praised the president's infamous war on drugs, saying that the said firm action against drug industry in the country was something that the past leaders and administrations couldn't do.

"Not because President Duterte is my ally but I salute him for all the things he has done," Pascual said.

Mayor Emerson Pasucal himself is a victim of the harsh reality of drug industry in the country. The mayor lost two siblings in a violent crime years ago. He continues to commend the President, referring to him as "heaven sent" to fix the crime situation in the Philippines, even scoring the President as perfect 10.

As a matter of fact, Mayor Emerson Pascual is a member of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption, a proof of his support for Duterte's war on drugs. Pascual, lost his two brothers, Erickson and Ebertso, who were gunned down in their own Capan Coliseum and Cockpit Area back in 2006 where three other innocent bystanders were killed.

The mayor himself was also a victim of an assassination attempt in 2013. A number of gunmen fired at him and while the incident was not able to kill him, the bullets intended for him killed four people, including a student.

After all these experiences which had harmed their family and put his life in danger, Mayor Pascual now firmly believes that only the brave and fearless President Duterte can save the country.

Photo from TNP
Moreover, Mayor Pascual believes that what President Duterte is doing in his administration has made the city of Gapan in Nueva Ecija a safer place to live in.

In addition, Mayor Pascual has started "Buhay Pagbabago" as a means to help the war on drugs initiated by President Duterte's administration. This "Buhay Pagbabago" program aims to create a better life for those who surrendered to the authorities. They are also taught taught basic skills to help them go back to society as better people.

In a pro-Duterte rally staged by Dutertes's supporters, celebrities have graced the crowd with their presence. Among the said celebrities present are Keanna Reeves, Katya Santos, actors Ceasar Montano and Bayani Agbayani. Several local leaders from Metro Manila were also present in the said rally.

The presidential daughter and mayor of Davao City, Sarah Duterte also went to the pro-Duterte rally to personally thank his father's supporters for their love and support, all throughout Duterte's second year in office.

Source: TNP