Duterte Shows Gun to Warn Public: "Do not Destroy My Country Because I Will Really Kill You"

President Rodrigo Duterte showed his gun to the public as a warning after his speech at the 50th founding anniversary of Davao del Norte.

This is despite the controversies surrounding the abuse of power by the military and police officers in Mindanao after the proclamation of the Martial Law in the area.

Some senators and citizens have stated disapproval of the proclamation. When the martial law was pushed through, they became more concerned of possible abuse of power and human rights violations.

The gesture of showing his gun was made by President Duterte after he warned and showed his anger towards those who are attempting to destroy the country.

Photo from GMA News

"Sa lahat, military, civilian, police, religious [groups]... do not destroy our country, do not deprive us of our young children," said President Duterte.

The act was also the president's response to the alleged human rights violations by the military and police officers in Mindanao, where they fight against the terrorist groups.

"Do not destroy my country because I will really kill you," the President added as he walked down the podium and lifted his shirt to reveal a gun tucked in his waistband for the public to see, as an added gesture to his verbal warning in his speech.

The president also assured the public that his government will look into the alleged human rights violations and serve justice where and to whom it is owed.

"Kung sabihin mo lang na abuso sa pulis at mlitary, we in the government and the military and the police can handle it," President Duterte said.

A recent Commission on Human Rights reported that no human rights violations had taken place in Mindanao during the course of the Martial Law in the area.

"We do note the recent report of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) that found no evidence of abuse of martial law in Mindanao. Should there be, proper complaints must be promptly filed,"  Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella stated on June 24.

However, MalacaƱang Palace was urged to investigate further after the reported complaint made by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (BPI) stating that military and police officers in Marawi had shown "wanton disregard of sanctity of domicile, the right against deprivation of property without due process of law, the right to be secure in one's person, house, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures."

Moreover, in the same speech by the President in Davao del Norte, he also stated his anger towards the recent massacre in Bulacan. Carmelino "Miling" Navarro IbaƱez, the suspect of the massacre, previously confessed to have been under the influence of drugs during the massacre, to which President Duterte reacted, saying that "shabu is a deadly game."

The angered president also called the suspect "son of a whore" for his alleged crime.

The Bulacan massacre referred to the killing of a family of five in their own house. The victims include a grandmother, three children, and their mother.

In recent findings, a drug test on the suspect revealed him negative under the influence of drugs. This is contrary to his first confession that he was under drugs while doing the crime.

Source: GMA News