Duterte Supporter: What did the Opposition achieved so far? A year of dragging the nation to the slump!

A supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte posted her opinion regarding the President's first year in the office, his achievements and some lambasting of what the Opposition achieved so far.

Mind you, her 9-paragraphed post is quite the real deal.

With the title, "The Opposition’s Failure; a perfect recipe for the country’s slide to Authoritarianism" she explained each and every of her point views, basing from what is really happening, in a very informative and clear way.

Marking the first year of the President in his public service, all sorts of reforms have been done in all aspects of the government. He has a clear view of where to take the entire nation, which is supported by his people who voted for him. However, this isn't the case with the Opposition which rated President Duterte's first year as a "dismal failure and the more abhorrent of all", pawns of the opposition claimed he has done nothing at all in his first year.

What's the job of the Opposition anyway?

Their role is to constantly check if the Duterte administration are keeping in mind and consideration the best interest of the Filipino people, making sure that the "voice of the minority is not trampled upon". They are not necessarily anti-Duterte but are doing their job in working together with the government for better lives for the Filipino mass. But so far, what have they done?

Below are "accomplishments" Santiano mentioned in her long post.

  • attempted to shoot down the Mindanao Martial Law which is an act of going against the will of the people who supported it
  • tried to stop the drug war program of the government on the pretext that the drug problem of the country is only hyped by Duterte and that our drug addiction problem is not at all that bad
  • highlighted the killings of drug addicts, pushers and drug lords as human rights violations and maneuvered to involve the international community in castigating Duterte for this war on drugs
  • shamed this country before the world and the eyes the fuming Filipino public
  • tried to impeach Duterte to remove him as President who continuously enjoyed massive support from the Filipino people
These are just few of their "major blunders".

The opposition is working very hard in destabilizing the Duterte government, engaging themselves in political assassination and other demonic schemes to make Duterte an evil leader. By judging their accomplishments, the opposition are not the better alternative to the Duterte government. No programs have been implemented by them, that they think will take the country to a better direction. 

Simply living up to their name, opposition, keeps on opposing but not implementing alternatives for the people.

This points are just a few parts of her long-post in Facebook. In case you are feeling good, a link is provided below in case you want to read everything. 

Source: Pinky Santiano