Duterte to CPP: "No more talk, let us fight"

President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his willingness to engage in a war against communist rebels for the next 50 years.

President Duterte made this statement in response to the statement first made by Jose Maria Sison, the founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), and also President Duterte's former professor. Sison said that there would be no need for the government and the CPP to engage in peace talks because of the existing martial law in Mindanao and the alleged extrajudicial killings of Duterte's war on drugs.

"I believe you, Mr. Sison. You are right. We stop talking. We're wasting our time. This war that you are fighting, I was listening to you when I was a student. That was 50 years ago. Let us renew the fighting for another 50 years. If it's what you want," Duterte addressed Sison in his speech in front of businessmen in Davao city.

Photo from Inquirer
"So, to the enemies of the state--number one is the Communist Party of the Philippines. No more talk, let us fight and save enough money for the arms and buy the new ones, the precision-guided missile," the President added.

In the same event, President Duterte clarified that the peace talks will not resume, in contrast to the statement made by Malañang Palace that the peace talks were just "on hold."

"Actually, maybe at this time, they have decided to really stop talking and me, I also have decided to just abandon the talks," Duterte clarified.

The President added, addressing the CPP that he would be a "bully" the enemies of the state who wanted to bring down the government.

"That is my job to bully you and to kill you because there is a war going on between us and you. And you are killing my soldiers and policemen, so I bully you," he said in his speech.

"And when the time comes, maybe I will kill you if I have the chance. I will have... I'll give you the pleasure of doing it to me," the President further said.

The exchange of statements between Duterte and the CPP happened after the encounters initiated by the NPA, killing government troops.

Just recently, the NPA ambushed a PSG convoy in Cotabato where one CAFGU member was murdered. On Friday morning, six policemen were also killed while two were wounded in an NPA ambush in Negros Oriental.

President Duterte stated earlier that he and his administration would not 'waste his time' to talk with the CPP-NPA-NDF groups. The president also announced that the peace negotiations between the government and the reds will not resume.

"I will not talk to them. They killed many of my soldiers. They killed many of my policemen," President Duterte stated.

President Duterte warned the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to stay alert and vigilant because they may be the next victims of ambush and surprise encounters of the NPA members.

"I gave you sidearms. Be alert because NPA will really kill you," the President Duterte added.

Source: GMA News