Fil-Am Relationship Strengthens: US To Give Surveillance Planes to Help Ph Against Terrorists

The relationship of the Philippines and the United States dates back in the 90s when the US low-key colonized the country, concealing their real agenda of imperialism behind friendly gestures such as helping out the Philippine government in achieving its independence and training Filipinos how to stabilize and maintain the government.

The US has also helped in molding of the 90s education for Filipinos and for Filipinos to achieve international audienceship as the US gave opportunities for Filipinos to study abroad, further introducing new areas of learning to Filipinos.

The Fil-Am relationship continues to thrive up til today.

Recently, the United States was reported to have provided two surveillance planes to the Philippines to assist the government troops in fighting the Islamic State-inspired militants in the Mindanao area, Washington's envoy to Manila said on Tuesday.

A spy plane usually refers to a surveillance aircraft that is used by military troops for collecting and retrieving information to serve purposes of national defense and other diplomatic operations that concern the gathering of intelligence, surveillance of battlefield, and the likes. 

The Cessna 208 aircraft have intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities and are reported to be deployed "in a couple of weeks" according to Ambassador Sung Kim. The said equipment is primarily used by the FedEx Feeder, the Brazilian Air Force, the Afghan Air Force, and the Colombian Air Force. It can usually accommodate nine passengers with one pilot on board.

Photo from TNP
"We're going to do everything possible to support the AFP (Armed Forced of the Philippines) as it tries to secure the area," Ambassador Kim said in an interview with Karen Davila in ANC's Headstart.

"We have been providing a very important support to the Armed Forces of the Philippines in terms of information sharing, intelligence sharing, training, technical advice as well equipment grants," Ambassador Kim added.

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According to reports already released by the government, a number of 500 people have already been killed in the nearly two months of fighting in Marawi City that has led to the declaration of martial law in the entire area of Mindanao by President Duterte.

The and the United States are bound by the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty, as well as two other agreements that allow American troops to camp and rotate areas in the country.

"This is a very, very strong alliance. We're partners, allies, and friends, and we help our friends and partners in time of need, and the Marawi situation is clearly a very difficult situation for the Philippines," Ambassador Kim said.

Ambassador Kim added that the United States will also provide aid to the Philippine government in rebuilding the city of Marawi. President Duterte has allotted an amount of P20 billion to rehabilitate the area.

In addition, the US Navy has also offered assistance to the Philippine Navy and did some coordinated patrolling over the Sulu Sea due to the suggestion of the international authorities worrying about the presence of Islamic militants and piracy in the Philippine waters.

What do you think of this help from the US? Do you think it was genuine? Or were they expecting something in return? Share your thoughts with us.

Sources: TNP & ABS-CBN News