Gay Super Tekla "Comedian – TV Host", tsugi sa show dahil sa Bisyo!

Super Tekla is no longer a part of the 'Wowowin' and will be replaced by Le Chazz as one of Willie Revillame's co-hosts.

Allegedly, Tekla was kicked out of the game show by none other than Willie Revillame because of his addiction in gambling. However, here were no confirmations that the newcomer in stand-up comedy was really fired by Revillame.

Apparently, he was fired from the some due to his gambling. Reportedly, he was borrowing money from his co-workers just to sustain his gambling vices. It came to a point where he came to the show's taping without any sleep which disrupted his performance and sometimes absents from the show.

There were speculations that the gay comedian has another vice that is consuming his sanity as a professional in his field of career. Tekla was also reportedly became arrogant due to his popularity to even ask for his own dressing room and refusing to join other artists when he was invited in an event. He also said if they couldn't afford to provide his own dressing room, they should just give a hotel room and just pick him up from there.

Although they manage to find him a solo room, t he event organizers were pissed off at Tekla's attitude to the point of cursing him for being too demanding. They gritted that they never had any similar experience with other celebrities when they invited them in their event.

Tekla is one of those aspiring comedians who was given the chance to shine and break free for poverty using his passion.

He was a contestant at Revillame's game show. The main host was so amused of his naturale and sense of humor leading him to giving the gay comedian a chance to work on the show and become his on of his co-hosts.

The comedian is really funny, there's no doubt about that. His life was recently featured in one of "Magpakailanman" episode. Many feels that his disappearance in 'Wowowin' was a huge waste.

In an article by Lolit Solis, she said that Tekla's talent fee in out-of-town shows went up because of his sudden popularity. But such a waste, he blew up his own opportunity.

" Saan pa siya pupulutin kung true ang balita tungkol sa pagdispatsa sa kanya ni Willie?" Solis said.

"Obvious na nalunod si Tekla sa isang basong tubig mula nang mabigyan ng big break sa TV. Mabilis na lumaki ang ulo niya na siguradong ide-deny ni Tekla na isa lamang sa maraming baguhan na nagkaroon ng mga bonggang oportunidad pero nagluka-lukahan," she added.

"Napapanood pa si Tekla sa mga episode ng Wowowin dahil taped ito. Malalaman natin ang the truth and nothing but sa mga susunod na episode ng game show ni Willie. Kapag wala nang Tekla na nakita, confirmed na jobless na siya dahil sa masamang bisyo na kanyang natutunan."

"Sa true lang, hindi ako masyadong natatawa sa mga joke ni Tekla kapag pinapanood ko siya. Mas type ko pa nga si Donita Nose na nakakatawa ang mga hirit at pralala sa Wowowin."

Source: PhilStar, Newsko