GOODBYE SHABU! P134-M halaga ng iligal na droga, sinunog sa Malabon

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) destroyed P134 million worth of illegal drugs using a thermal decomposition in a factory in Malabon City.

According to PDEA Director General Isidro Lapeña, forty-four kilos of marijuana and shabu was confiscated from the same four drug suspects arrested at Barangay Manresa, Quezon City last November 2016. They publicly destroyed the drugs to prevent peopl from thinking that the authorities are recycling confiscated narcotics.

PDEA Information Office Derrick Carreon assured the public that this process of destroying drugs will not harm anyone near the factory.

"Sa bandang baba introduce heat na nasa 300 celsius. the second chamber introduce heat between 800 to 1,400 degrees. Sigurado yan na bago umakyat at lumabas ang usok ay wala ng dangerous substances," he said.

The destroyed illegal drugs was only a part of the entire P18.40 billion worth of narcotics confiscated on 2016. Illegal drugs' market value increased by P0.11 billion. From July 1 to June 2017, price is now P18.51 billion, incluting the laboratory equipment confiscated by the PDEA.

According to PDEA, a total of P14.49 billion worth of illegal drugs have nabbed since the start of Duterte administration as of May 2, 2017.

The government-initiated forum, 'RealNumbersPH', where Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency director general Isidro Lapeña presented the figures. The total seized amount of illegal drugs is twelve percent of the total supply in the Philippines which is P120 billion in the illegal drugs industry.

The current administration's drug campaign resulted to 1.266 million drug users surrenderers, representing 26.45 percent  decrease in the estiamte total drug market.

The surrender of 88,940 drug pushers interrupted the flow of drug market and distribution in the country.

During a briefing in Davao City, PDEA director Isidro Lapeña claimed that President Duterte's first year of campaign against drugs is a success. Pointing out that the efforts of their inter-agency committee that was created through Executive Order No. 15 was triumphant.

"The purpose of that inter-agency is to unify all the efforts of all agencies concerned and then integrate and synchronize lahat ng mga action, lahat ng mga strategies on anti-illegal drugs. And I would say that we are successful," he said.

"The drug campaign is part of that rating. So I would like to say, and I am happy to report that while we have done so much, well so much more has to be done," he added.

The PDEA reported that 64,397 conducted anti-drug operations is 77% higher than  of the the Aquino administration. A total of 86,984 drug suspects nabbed  compared to the 18,766 arrests last year.

"This was done while we have concentrated or intensified ‘yung law enforcement function on illegal drugs, we have shifted also to the demand reduction," he said. "There is no middle ground. Pagka ikaw pag barangay official ka you are supposed to know what is happening in your barangay. Hindi makakawala ‘yan," Lapeña said.

"Pagka sinabing hindi niya alam eh di mag-resign na lang siya na barangay official kung hindi niya alam kung may nangyayari sa kanyang barangay," he added.

Source: News5, GMA