Huli sa ACTO! Pakitang Tao ni Erap Eztrada na Bisto ng Isang Reporter!

Whether we admit it or not, Manila Bay has a very polluted water. Garbage is literally anywhere, not to mention it is also contaminated with industrial, domestic, and human wastes.

Which is why swimming in the bay may cause anyone diarrhea, dehydration, cholera, typhoid fever, hepatitis B, respiratory diseases, and skin allergies.

On July 21, Friday, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada lead the clean-up drive of the Manila Bay. He even invited the media to show that they'll begin their extensive cleaning of the bay.

However, something ridiculous happened. It's very ridiculous, it's not even funny.

Ideally, when people clean, they do it on the parts that are filled with dirt or garbage. It's natural. But what Mayor Estrada's clean-up drive did was, a woman poured the contents of a plastic into an area and as she claimed, "Pupulitin ulit yan."

Apparently, the clean-up drive Estrada led was just for photo-ops. Nothing but publicity. There were two men in the water, pushing the garbage near Estrada's boat.

The media reporter was too shocked by what she witnessed. On their video footage, the reporter asked if what they just did is a joke.

Reporter: My God, is that a joke? Is that a joke?
Woman: Hindi po.
Reporter: Eh ano 'ho yan?
Woman: Pupulutin po ulit...
Reporter: Pupulutin ulit? My God. Clean up ba yan?
Woman: Clean up po yan. Pupulutin po ulit para lang may photo.

The news media asked Estrada if he has knowledge about what his people did, apparently, he does.

"Well, it was for publicity only. But we are serious in cleaning Manila Bay," he responded.

It is still unclear who ordered throwing garbage in the bay for photo-op. It came out that the Manila local government unit (LGU) wasn't the one which initiated the clean-up but a hotel near Manila Bay.

"This is spearheaded not by the city but by Rizal Park Hotel in cooperation with some government agencies such as the City of Manila... It will be done monthly," ani Atty. Sol Arboladura, director ng Manila Tourism.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) was dismayed after seeing the photo-ops' props.

"Kapag nagtapon ka ng basura sa Manila Bay, mayroon naman talagang parusa ‘yan sa batas. Ang depensa siguro nila diyan ay kinuha rin naman nila. Sana lang nalahat nila. Hindi sana natin kailangan gawin ‘yun kasi marami namang puwedeng kunin sa Manila Bay. Kalkalin mo lang ‘yung kaunti sa shore," ani Undersecretary Maria Paz Luna, OIC ng Legal Legislative Affairs and Anti-Corruption ng DENR.

Luna was asked if tEstrada can be held accountable for throwing garbage in the Manila Bay.

"Di naman natin siya nakitang nagtapon e. Nakita mo ba siyang nag-utos?" she answered.

The Supreme Court had rendered Decision in G.R. Nos. 1719 18, 20047-48 ordering petitioners to clean up, rehabilitate and preserve Manila Bay in their different capacities on December.

Watch video below:

Source: ABS-CBN