Husband claims his wife wants him dead; Wife has no plans of signing annulment papers!

Raffy Tulfo had an instant recap of his previous episode in his radio show. A married couple who were having a financial issue asked for Tulfo's help and be their mediator while fixing their problems.

The wife, Elvie Carampatana, was the first to seek Tulfo's help in solving their issues. During the live radio show, she admitted that she was wrong to hid truth about her debts to his husband.

On the other side of the argument, Lemuel Carampatana, argued that the reason for his anger wasn't because of money. It was solely because he felt betrayed by the wife, he felt his wife didn't respect him at all for being secretive. He added why did she have to do something that he hates the most.

"Bilang asawa, ang hinanakit ko sa kanya, 'Bakit mo nilihim? Bakit mo ginawa yung ayaw ko?'
To her defense, Elvie said she wanted to fix her own problem all by herself before her husband returns home. She didn't want to hurt his feelings, knowing that he's already exhausted in his work abroad.

"Syempre sir alam ko naman na pressured sya sa trabaho, na ganon, kaya gusto ko rin naman na maayos ko, kung bago man sya umuwi," she explained.

The husband thanked Tulfo for being the mediator between them, if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't agree to talk to his wife. He even invited the journalist to their wedding anniversary celebration on July 16, which Tulfo promised he won't miss and will definitely attend.

Unfortunately, the said celebration will no longer happen. Cancelled.

Lemuel returned in the country on July 5. According to him, he did not immediately went straight but instead did some more digging about his newly acquired information about his wife's mischiefs.

"Meron po akong ibang natuklasan, bukod sa sinasabi nya noong pumunta sya rito," he claimed.

"Yung motor ko ay sinasangla din nya," Lemuel revealed. When asked how much, he answered, "Php6,000 lang sir." The only reason his wife gave why she did that was because she needed money. What Lemuel was puzzled about, where did the Php100,000 monthly support he consistently sends her go?

Apparently, Lemuel is sending his wife that much money each month as a financial support from his work in Abu Dhabi.

Not only did she pawned the motorcycle, she also did not pay for they car, which was later on towed by the company.

"Hindi ko po alam sir kung bakit ang sama na ng ugali nya," he said.

The wife, Elvie, defended herself via phone call. To her defense, during the time when Php 100,000 per month didn't cover all of their expenses, she said that they were also paying for Php 32,000 loan, their son is in college, and her father-in-law is living with them.

Their son was also present during the radio show, according to him, his tuition fee is only Php7,000 and allowance is Php 100 a day. He also mentioned a sibling who stopped attending school for a reason he did not reveal.

RG, their son, said that when her mother's business started to crumble down, his father wasn't aware of that. All he was informed were the debts.

Lemuel also demanded his wife to have their son and his DNAs examined to see if they match. He is doubting that one of their son is not his. He said that he return on July but his wife already gave birth on March, so as he tries to connect everything, he wanted to make sure that her son is really his.

Elvie agreed to the DNA test, however, if she proved that her husband is wrong, she'll get back at him.

Tulfo asked the couple if there's any way for the two to reconcile, given that their issue is only because of money.

Lemuel said he can longer do that. He fears that his life is in danger. He heard his wife call a certain 'Mamang' whom she told that, "Mamang, gawin nyo na lahat. Hindi na kami magkabalikan ni Lemuel."

His wife seemed as if she plotting to set him up in a staged physical abuse where she purposely tries to bumps against him, but Lemuel retreated and told her to stop. Lemuel said her ran to the Barangay hall to seek for help and when his father-in-law came, he was with a hitman and said, "Bakit pinatagal nyo pa at ayaw nyong itumba?"

Elvie insisted that she and her family doesn't have any plans on killing her husband. She also claimed that his husband yelled at her, "Bakit ayaw mo pa ba akong pakawalan, bakit gusto mo pa ba tumabi sakin? Bakit nangangati ka pa ba?!"

Lemuel denied his wife's accusations. He also dismissed Tulfo's suggestion to have three talk it out with a marriage counselor. He asked the journalist how to file an annulment, but as soon as the wife heard the word, she said they'll separate but she'll never sign the documents to prevent his husband from harassing anyone else.

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Source: Tulfo