Joma Sison Claims Duterte Just Wants War, Denies He Has Cancer

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chairman, Jose Maria Sison, insisted on Tuesday that President Rodrigo Duterte was did not take seriously their negotiations.

"Si Duterte naman hindi naghahabol ng peace negotiations. Surrender ang gusto niyang ipataw sa kilusang rebolusyonaryo," Jose Maria Sison stated on Tuesday in a phone interview with GMA News.

"Ngayon pagkaraan ng isang taon, halatado na siya na gusto na niya lang 'yung ceasefire kung saan 'yung ano, 'yung kilusang rebolusyonaryo, mapapatahimik, surrender at masasabi na siya na panalo siya," Sison added.

Jose Maria Sison is currently based in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, Sison said that the resumption of the peace talks depends upon the decision of President Duterte.

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"Itong si Duterte talagang ano.. akala niya makakautos siya sa kilusang rebolusyonaryo na kung gusto niya, masusunod. Kung ayaw niya ng peace negotiations, walang magagawa ang NDF," Sison said, referring to the National Democratic Front, the negotiating arm of CPP.

It can be remembered that during President Duterte's second State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, he addressed verbal attacks against Sison and his communist group. Such attacks implied that the peace negotiations would probably be put to an end without conclusion.

In an earlier statement made by President Duterte, he said that he is willing to engage in a war against the communist movement for the next 50 years.

Duterte also claimed that his side would probably win if the said war takes place as he has the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) while the communist groups only have the lumads, a group of indigenous people, which they are recruiting to fight for them.

Moreover, Sison clarified Duterte's claim that he, Sison, has colon cancer, which the communist leader denied, further calling the allegations as pure imagination of the President.

"I am in good health. No cancer of any kind. Neither any other kind of malignancy... The colon cancer comes from his imagination," Sison clarified to the Philippine Daily Inquirer in an online chat after Duterte made the cancer claim on his recently-concluded SONA.

However, Sison confessed being hospitalized.on March 20 at the Rheumatology Department of the Utrecht University Medical Center. He said that he was treated for his loss of appetite that stemmed from his auto-immunity brought about by the autumn and winter seasons in the Netherlands. He was also confined in connection with his rheumatoid arthritis.

"I had gotten several symptoms of Sweet Syndrome: lack of appetite, loss of weight, itchiness on the skin, pain in the joints, and others. But not the most serious symptoms like leukemia and other kinds of blood disorder," Sison clarified.

The communist leader has been based in the Netherlands for two decades now.

President Duterte and Jose Maria Sison seemed to be in a heated feud in the past few days based on their exchange of arguments.

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Duterte blatantly attacked the New People's Army and their alleged attempts to kill the President because of the recent encounters of the NPA and government troops. Last week, a group of Presidential Security Group (PSG) was ambushed in Cotabato where one CAFGU was killed. Duterte believed that the NPA wanted to murder him at that encounter.

In addition, another NPA attack was initiated in Negros Oriental which killed several police officers of Region 18.

Sources: GMA News & Inquirer